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By developing a network of international partners that now includes companies in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Enigma is able to make its flagship Skyline system available for use by organisations around the world.

One of Enigma’s most successful global partners is Amanah Engineering, based in Kuwait. Enigma’s relationship with the company dates back to 2009 when Amanah connected 19 units to the Skyline system.

Since then, the number of Skyline connections made by Amanah Engineering has risen exponentially. In 2014, just five years later, Amanah connected 605 new units and has already connected 1,245 so far in 2015. Amanah now has 180 customers for its Asset Management services, which includes organisations such as Lafarge, Kuwait Oil Company, Princess Rent a Car, Coolex, Heisco and NBTC.

Speaking of the success of Skyline in Kuwait, Haytham Musleh, owner of Amanah Engineering said, “By working with Enigma, we have been able to help organisations in Kuwait to better manage their fleet operations. The calibre of the organisations that have chosen to work with us and adopt Skyline is a testament to the quality of the system and the genuine improvements that it can make to the effectiveness of an organisation’s fleet management.”

Simon Keam-George, Business Development Director at Enigma, said, “The success of Skyline in a number of different overseas markets is due to a number of factors, especially the fact that the system can be deployed quickly, with a low cost to market. Skyline is reliable, proven and robust and Amanah Engineering provides an outstanding service and support to customers using it in Kuwait.”

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Verdant Group Case study

Company: Verdant Group Plc

The Skyline GPS advanced tracking and security system from Enigma Vehicle Systems has been installed on over 200 refuse and recycling vehicles operated by Sevenoaks-based Verdant Group Plc, one of Britain’s fastest-growing specialist waste management providers. The Skyline system provides important information to support Verdant‘s service quality focus, helping it deliver high service standards for over 20 local authorities in England and Wales.

Working in partnership with its public sector clients, Verdant provides a range of outsourced waste collection, recycling, street and beach cleaning and grounds maintenance services. It is one of the top five privately-owned companies in its sector in the UK.

As an advanced tracking and security system, Skyline comprises servers, hardware and software, that provide information for detailed, relevant and user-friendly reports on a 24/7 basis. Features of Skyline include:

  • Worldwide map coverage through Google Earth satellite images and road maps
  • Total security protection with ‘tow-away’ alert, battery disconnection and low power warning
  • Optional 24/7 monitoring through an approved Secure Operating Centre (SOC)

At the heart of the Skyline system is the Skyline unit which has been installed on all of Verdant’s new waste collection and street cleansing vehicles. The Skyline module is a small device containing a circuit board, a quad-band GSM/GPRS modem, a high sensitivity GPS receiver to improve reception, and battery back-up, all housed in a compact weatherproof housing. Its compact size lends itself to covert installation.

Using a service known as GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), which is an always-on connection similar to broadband, data can be sent at fixed intervals and received within an average, two seconds of transmission. Using GPRS, the Skyline module receives updated positions from the GPS network every second, stores this information and transmits data, via the GSM/GPRS modem, to the server. A connection is maintained 24/7, with keep-alive messages being transmitted every five minutes.

With the Skyline module, it is possible to report vehicle movements (authorised or unauthorised), tamper attempts, ignition state and a host of other data via eight input/output ports that can be used for additional monitoring sensors. Verdant uses these additional sensors to record time, location and process information for functions such as wheeled bin lifting and loading, street cleansing with powered brushes, travel speed and so on. This helps confirm that work is being carried out in the correct locations to mutually-agreed schedules and standards, a key performance element of Verdant’s contracts.

Jonathan Miles, executive chairman of Verdant Group Plc, said: “With the information provided by the Skyline system, we have an eye in the sky that tells us when and where our vehicles are operating, the type and number of operations they are executing, and how well these tasks are being completed. For example, we can track exactly when the cleaning brushes on our street cleansing machines were in the down position. We can provide clear precise records that show we carried out the specified work as agreed with our customers.”

Other features that can be monitored through Skyline include fuel and battery levels, coolant status, engine running/not running, engine covers open/closed, and so on. Each Skyline system can be customised to provide the security and telemetry data required by both the customer and user.

  • Additional options available on the Skyline system are:
  • Keypad immobiliser with remote immobilisation feature.
  • PDA access with street level images.
  • Driver identification option using electronic tags (RFID).
  • Lone Worker Protection.
  • Portable personal tracking with voice capability.

The Skyline system can be used on any vehicle and all types of site equipment from excavators, compressors and dumpers to generators, forklift trucks, traffic light sets and powered access platforms.

A-Plant Case Studies

Company: Ashtead Plant Hire (A-Plant)

As one of the UK’s largest plant hire companies, A-Plant has clear goals to enhance the quality and efficiency of customer service and eliminate wastage whilst at the same time realising cost efficiencies. So when A-Plant approached Enigma more than five years ago to develop a purpose-built fleet management system based on Skyline, the company wanted a system that not only provided tracking and security of fleet vehicles and plant, but one that could be continuously developed to provide fleet information to help the company meet its own goals and those of its customers. The result was A-Trak, developed jointly by the two companies with security as the principal requirement but also to add value for the company and to the service offered to customers.

Ian Keam-George, Chief Executive of Enigma Vehicle Systems, said: “The UK plant hire industry is one of the major markets for Enigma and A-Plant is a major player in this market. A-Plant chose the Skyline product as the basis for the company’s A-Trak system owing to its combination of security and telematics capabilities – it is robust, powerful, compact and very cost-effective, yet offers great flexibility, allowing the user to choose from a clear menu of services.”

A-Trak is one of an expanding number of fully integrated on-line services that A-Plant customers can access through the Extranet at the company’s website. When the customer accesses the A-Trak system via the Extranet, they can obtain a wealth of information about the status of the equipment they have hired, to check that the equipment is operating as required, is being used properly and that it is at its intended location.

Using A-Trak through the A-Plant Extranet, the customer can generate an aerial photograph of the site where the equipment is located. Photographs like this are also being used to guide the police when they are attempting to recover stolen plant. The information on these photographs is so good that it has led to many recoveries of equipment, even when it is hidden. Together with the tracking abilities of the A-Trak system, A-Plant has succeeded in achieving a recovery rate of nearly 98% on stolen plant machinery ensuring reduced costs for customers and the company alike.

Technology developments provided by Enigma through the Skyline system have allowed A-Plant to maximise the benefits offered by the A-Trak system. For example, using A-Trak, A-Plant fleet managers can request fleet reports that alert them to exceptional events such as unexplained journeys and movements outside a certain sector. The system has identified vehicles travelling an excess distance or time and reduced the number of overspeed incidents, allowing the company to take the appropriate action where vehicles have been driven at over the stated limits.

Asif Latief, A-Plant Marketing Director, commented: “Many of our customers are seeing the Health & Safety advantages – we spotted one of our compressors being towed at 100 mph recently and the customer was very grateful to have this information backed up by A-Trak. As well as ensuring the health and safety of our own staff, we are working with customers to implement triggers in A-Trak that alert to dangerous events of this nature so they can maintain their own health and safety regimes.”

The extended reporting options available through A-Trak allow A-Plant to customise the data retrieval and reporting offered by A-Trak to provide reports that suit their specific purposes. Fleet Summary reports can be generated to analyse utilisation across a fleet, recording idle vehicles, speed events, average journeys and so on. The reports coming from A-Trak are delivered weekly, by e-mail, without any intervention from the users. Using this data, one of a number of different types of information that can be provided by the A-Trak system, A-Plant can greatly reduce fleet costs and gain a better understanding of their operations.

The A-Trak reporting system provided data that A-Plant used to identify which vehicles in the fleet were being under-utilised, leading to savings of close to £1500 per week. The information also allowed A-Plant to focus on unauthorised and excessive out-of-hours use and this has resulted in further savings due to a reduction of about 4500 kilometres of unnecessary use of company vehicles every week. Linking A-Trak to the on-board weighing system provides alerts for overloading on vehicles above 7.5 tonne.

Asif Latief added: “We can also help customers to save money by showing that equipment they have hired is not being used and should be off-hired. It works the other way, of course, as it can provide us with the information we need to locate a machine needed by another customer – it’s a win-win situation. The historical usage data available through A-Trak can also be very useful in solving disputes. This technology is here to stay and we are committing to using it…developing it… and demonstrating significant added value to customers dealing with A-Plant”

Murphy Group case study image

Speaking about Enigma Telematics’ relationship with the Murphy Group, Simon Keam-George, Business Development Director at Enigma said,

“We pride ourselves on delivering vehicle telematics solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of our customers. From working closely with the Murphy Group, we appreciate its absolute commitment to quality of service and best practice – values that underpin everything we do at Enigma too.

“Skyline provides fleet managers with a wealth of information that allows them to bring about genuine improvements to the effectiveness and efficiency of their business – as the Murphy Group has clearly demonstrated. We hope to continue our strong relationship with them in the future.”

Company: Murphy Group

After winning a contract to provide services to EDF Energy, Civil Engineering specialist, the Murphy Group first utilised Enigma Telematics’ expertise in February 2008. Prior to Murphy taking over the contract, the incumbent contractor had utilised vehicle telematics and Murphy was keen to ensure continuity in this area.

After considering Murphy’s precise requirements, Enigma recommended its flagship Skyline system as a viable solution and following the necessary approvals, telematics units were installed on the vehicles that would be used to undertake the work.

Skyline allowed Murphy to demonstrate adherence to contract conditions such as miles driven and hours worked by its staff, with timesheet validation possible through the extraction of accurate fleet management data, which was provided to EDF.

Successful implementation of the project heralded the start of an excellent working relationship between Enigma and Murphy, which has grown in strength ever since. Murphy has steadily increased its usage of Skyline, both in terms of the number of vehicles, plant and machinery monitored and also the range of information extracted from the system.

The Murphy Group owns, manages and maintains plant and transport equipment valued in excess of £100 million. To safeguard and maximise the effectiveness of some of this equipment, around 1,600 fleet vehicles and items of plant and heavy machinery are now monitored by Skyline.

The latest version of the system – Skyline 7.5 – is the first from Enigma to feature a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) format, designed to help businesses easily identify inappropriate vehicle use and driver behaviour, optimise fuel usage through effective fuel management and protect assets from theft.

Drivers are allocated scores for their performance in areas including speeding, harsh breaking, harsh acceleration and emergency breaking, with performance ranked as green, amber or red. These KPI ‘traffic lights’ allow fleet managers to educate persistent offenders and bring about genuine improvements. Benefits include fuel savings from a reduction in vehicle idling, unauthorised use and poor driving, which often has the added benefit of fewer accidents involving fleet vehicles.

Such benefits have certainly been experienced by Murphy, which has achieved the following improvements in 2014 alone:

  • 10% reduction in ‘out of hours’ usage of company vehicles
  • 15% reduction in vehicle idling
  • 19% reduction in speeding incidents
  • Improved driver safety – 17.5% less drivers in the red category
Concrete suppliers case study

Company: Ocean Ready Mix

The installation of the Skyline system has automated fleet management at Ocean Readymix & Precast, giving the company greater visibility of the fleet and ensuring that vehicles are taking the correct route to customers. While also allowing checks to be performed to ensure that the deliveries are on time and helping to prevent vehicles from being left idle for long periods of time. Ocean Readymix & Precast has even prescribed inputs from the Skyline system that tell the company exactly when the vehicles are unloading.

The accurate information provided by Skyline enables Ocean Readymix & Precast to move vehicles easily between batching plants, optimising both production and delivery resources, while providing customers with more precise delivery information. Ocean Readymix & Precast is also using the Skyline system to monitor the performance of the company‘s drivers behaviour, checking that they are not speeding and are adhering to the company‘s code of practice.

The Skyline system has provided significant, measurable benefits throughout the Ocean Readymix & Precast fleet with direct cost savings due to enhanced efficiency in running the fleet and, most importantly, improved customer service.

As well as concrete trucks, the Skyline system can be used on any vehicle and all types of site equipment from excavators, compressors and dumpers to generators, forklift trucks, traffic light sets and powered access platforms.

FM Conway case study

“We are delighted that this investment allows us to further extend the use of vehicle telematics across our business. By using data from Enigma Telematics’ Skyline system, we are able to promote best practice amongst our drivers, which in turn brings improved fuel efficiency and safer driving. We are also able to use Skyline to help us better schedule journeys made by our company vehicles, which also helps to reduce overheads.”

John Tobin of FM Conway
Plant & Workshop Manager at FM Conway

Company: FM Conway

FM Conway provides services including highway maintenance, civil engineering and traffic management and has recently undertaken work on a number of high-profile projects, including Barclays’ Cycle Superhighway for Transport for London and the Tower Bridge Olympic Lighting Project for the City of London Corporation.

Headquartered in Dartford in Kent, FM Conway began using Skyline in 2013, when 71 of its trucks were fitted with Enigma’s flagship online fleet management system. Following this successful upgrade, FM Conway opted to enhance the security and management of all of its vehicles, plant and machinery, investing over £300,000 to extend the usage of Skyline and make Enigma the sole provider of vehicle telematics solutions to the company.

FM Conway had a previous agreement in place with another provider prior to Enigma, so as this contract expired, existing tracking units were removed and replaced with Skyline. In total, over 800 vehicles, plant and items of machinery operated by FM Conway are now monitored by Skyline.

As well as improved security, the roll-out of Skyline has allowed FM Conway to greatly increase the effectiveness of its fleet management, including an improvement in driving standards through the use of the ‘traffic light’ Key Performance Indicator (KPI) function.

Using data easily extracted from the system, FM Conway has been able to identify bad habits and promote best practice to its drivers. Skyline can record the speed of vehicles in real-time and produce automatic speeding reports, based on GPS data and the precise local speed limits.

Skyline has also helped to improve efficiency and reduce fuel consumption, with the prevention of excessive vehicle idling and better journey scheduling.

Selwood Case Study

“I would not hesitate to recommend them to any organisation looking to appoint a proven and reliable telematics specialist.”

Paul Green
Group Transport Manager at Selwood

Company: Selwood

Selwood Ltd operates a fleet of company vehicles and with a nationwide branch network stretching from Exeter to Edinburgh, these vehicles are vital to the success of the business.

After carefully assessing the suitability of various suppliers, Selwood appointed Enigma Telematics as its chosen supplier and introduced Enigma’s flagship Skyline system across its fleet.

Skyline, a web-based fleet management and security system, allows users to trace, track and monitor their mobile assets whilst on the move. Used to improve the security, efficiency and environmental performance of company fleets, Skyline has delivered tangible benefits to Enigma’s customers, including Selwood.

With 240 of Selwood’s company vehicles now monitored by Skyline, the system has proved extremely beneficial, in a multitude of ways:

Cost savings through improved driver behaviour

Skyline’s web-tracking function has helped to improve the performance of Selwood’s fleet, by highlighting those instances of poor driver behaviour that were having the biggest impact on costs.

This information has allowed Selwood to educate its fleet drivers and has undoubtedly resulted in improved performance and cost savings.

The latest version of the system – Skyline 7.5 – incorporates a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) format, with drivers allocated scores for their performance in areas such as speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration and emergency braking, with performance ranked as green, amber or red.

The KPI traffic light system makes it much easier to see where improvements are needed, allowing fleet managers to educate persistent offenders and see genuine improvements. In addition, Skyline’s privacy button option has been vital in allowing Selwood to achieve improvements but at the same time continuing to demonstrate trust in its drivers of cars who enjoy private use.

Reduced vehicle accidents

As outlined above, Skyline 7.5 makes it much easier for fleet managers to determine if company vehicles are being driven appropriately – and to take action if they are not.

By using the Skyline behaviour monitoring tools to monitor its fleet, Selwood estimates it has been able to achieve a reduction in motor vehicle accidents by nearly 40%, resulting in a saving of up to £104,000 per annum, even before the hidden costs of hire vehicles, loss of productivity, etc are considered.

Selwood has also been able to use Skyline to gather valuable information from vehicles that have been involved in accidents, allowing the company to fully evaluate the circumstances during post-accident investigations. It has also allowed Selwood to successfully refute a number of third party allegations, by proving that a company vehicle was not at the scene of an accident as alleged, or was at an accident scene but was parked and not moving at the time.

Reduced fuel consumption

As a committed bronze member of TfL’s Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), Selwood strives to minimise its fuel usage and since the introduction of Skyline, fleet fuel consumption has fallen by around 8%, equating to a reduction of around 100,000 litres per year.

In turn, this reduction has helped to reduce Selwood’s carbon footprint, with Skyline helping drivers to focus more on the environmental impact of their day-to-day activities and achieve improvements in areas such as excess engine idling.

Increased security

By enabling Selwood to pinpoint the location of its fleet, Skyline has also assisted from a security perspective. In the 7 years that Selwood have had Skyline fitted, they have not lost a vehicle through theft that has had the Skyline unit fitted.

Management Reporting

Selwood also uses the various management reporting functions to measure and monitor compliance to other parts of its vehicle operation policies.

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