Reduce Fleet Insurance Premiums

Being able to reduce your fleet insurance costs would of course be hugely beneficial and one such area in which we’re able to help is by using our management portal, Skyline.

Could Telematics Insurance Be For You?

The ‘black box’ has become a popular addition for domestic drivers in order to help reduce insurance premiums and it’s certainly no different for companies who manage large fleets. Telematics insurance uses data about where, when and how you drive in order to help bring your cost down and that’s exactly where our management portal Skyline can help. Skyline gives you complete control by allowing you to not only optimise your fleet but monitor it in such a way to allow you to make the necessary improvements that insurance companies look for.

With skyline, you’ll be able to focus on things such as driver behaviour, speeds and even fuel consumption. By measuring various aspects of your driving and of course making the necessary improvements, you’ll then be able to share this data with your insurance company. By demonstrating that your drivers are safe, you’ll find your premiums reduced. It’s not surprising that telematics insurance has become so popular of late.

Reductions In Fleet Insurance And Accidents

Fleet insurance is affected by a multitude of things. Of course, proving safer driver behaviour via reduced speeds is an effective way of reducing your premium but reducing accidents is also another way in which you’ll find your insurance being less costly.

Many drivers, both domestic and corporate have reported their driving changing dramatically upon the installation of a telematics box. Knowing that Skyline is monitoring their driving and having their employee actively encouraging safer driving has a hugely positive effect in their attitude towards speeding as well as their attitude toward other drivers on the road. This naturally reduces accidents and in turn, naturally reduces the risk of inflated insurance premiums due to previous carelessness.

While we can’t promise immediate reductions, we have found that many insurers now offer upfront discounts when telematics are installed and commercial vehicle tracking is implemented . Other insurance companies base their reductions on improved driver behaviour and aforementioned lowered accident rates. This means that there may be a period of time before there is a direct affect on your insurance however, in the long run, it’s easy to see just how Skyline could dramatically reduce cost in terms of fleet insurance, whether it’s immediate or after a period of time.

Proving Fault Using Telematics

If you’re managing a fleet of vehicles, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the stress and strain when it comes to accidents and insurance claims. Proving fault can be incredibly difficult however, with fleet telematics data, difficulty in proving fault can sometimes be eliminated. It helps by serving as an independent and objective witness with regards to the events leading up to and including the crash itself. This means skyline could show the calm and careful driving your driver displayed leading up the accident, showing their speed and lack of erratic behaviour, helping to prove fault lay at the hands of the other driver.

Skyline could therefore not only reduce your insurance premiums by showcasing the safe and careful driving of your fleet but also reduce the risk of insurance claims by third parties and more. With this in mind, there’s never been a better time to invest in your fleet and reap the benefits of doing so, almost immediately.

For more information, contact us today. We’ll be only too happy to answer any questions you may have and show you first hand, just how you could help reduce your fleet insurance premiums with the help of our online management portal. Take control today.

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