Enjoy Total Fleet Safety Management With Skyline

Fleet and compliance managers always have a long to-do list, regardless of time of year or season. Fleet management itself incorporates a range of things, from fleet finance, preventative maintenance, telematics, driver management and even health and safety. Having something to make even one of these tasks easier to manage would therefore be of huge benefit.

It’s no real surprise that vehicle safety is a major concern for fleet managers. The impact in terms of cost can be significant, mainly due to not only the cost of the vehicle itself but driver downtime and of course, any insurance claims that may emerge. The costs can mount up quickly. In fact, research has shown incidents involving fleet vehicles have cost businesses an estimated £25 million in 2014-2015 alone with almost a quarter of these incidents being avoidable.

Since WHO (World Health Organisation) and other recognised global organisations have begun making road safety a priority, it’s become a huge concern for today’s fleet and thankfully, with the help of Skyline, our online management portal, fleet safety management just became a whole lot easier.

Fleet Safety Management Made Easy

A comprehensive fleet safety management solution is necessary to not only keep drivers and their vehicles out of harm’s way, but also allows for a much more productive service too. Safe drivers are typically more efficient in this sense as they dont accelerate too quickly which in turn reduces fuel consumption. The same can be said for braking harshly, which not only impacts on the manner in which your fleet drivers perform ‘out on the roads’ but also helps maintain and increase the life expectancy of your vehicles.

Skyline Management Portal Online

Our online management portal Skyline offers a number of benefits to help make fleet safety management an easier process. It also gives you total control. From saving you time to highlighting exceptions within driver behaviour, Skyline will change the way you operate your fleet.

Realtime Monitoring Of Your Fleet

Commercial vehicle tracking with Skyline can help you improve fleet safety is by allowing you to monitor aspects such as speed, direction, accelerator position and even braking.  This insight gives you a complete overview of what happened in the minutes and even seconds leading up to and following an incident. By monitoring factors such as these, you’ll create a detailed view of driver performance in order to help improve standards and best practices almost instantly. Should your drivers have an accident it also gives you the ability to defend against false claims.

Guard Against Thefts

Let’s not forget one of the most important aspects when it comes to fleet safety management and that’s theft protection/prevention. Skyline offers a solution that helps guard against potential theft. From in-built anti-theft devices to temper-detection functions, Skyline reports directly to you on any potential threats as well as allowing you the ability to recover stolen vehicles in record time.

Skyline offers you great ease in terms of vehicle monitoring and also allows you to customise the program in a way that fits in with your company. For more information on how Skyline can help you with your fleet safety management, contact Enigma Telematics on 01702 507200.

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GPS Asset Tracking With Enigma Telematics

GPS asset tracking isn’t just a ‘nice to have’, it’s a necessity for business owners today. The implications of commercial vehicle tracking is nothing short of impressive and with each advancement in technology, it not only becomes a necessity, but a simple tool to utilise too.

GPS asset tracking allows you to pinpoint exactly where your vehicles are at all times. Whether your fleet consists of plant machinery, cars, vans, trucks or even forklifts, asset tracking gives you complete visibility of your entire fleet. Whether you’re concerned with unauthorised usage or simply wish to have a watchful eye over your company assets, GPS asset tracking could be the best decision you make this year.

Vehicle tracking works by placing a small GPS device in every vehicle within your fleet. This device then works 24/7, gathering information about your fleet from current vehicle location to routes taken. This information is then relayed to you via a vehicle tracking app which you’re able to access from any smart device.

Tracking Plant Machinery

Why Use Our Vehicle Tracking System?

From a reduction in insurance premiums to giving you total control, there are numerous reasons why you should be incorporating our vehicle tracking system into your company. When you have the luxury of being able to track all of your vehicles, from location to specific routes undertaken, you also have the ability to significantly increase productivity by reducing idle time. Could your employees have planned a better route? Our vehicle tracking app will highlight this.

Reduce Thefts With Telematics

Theft prevention is another area in which asset tracking plays a big role. Losing any one of your fleet to thieves is expensive in not only money, but time too. Lose a vehicle and you may even lose inventory too. Add to this uncertainty from customers and of course, time spent looking/replacing stolen vehicles and it’s not difficult to see how a situation like this can snowball.

Realtime Tracking

If your vehicle is being tracked using our GPS asset tracking system however, you’ll not only be able to track the vehicle instantly but you’ll also have the ability to communicate this information with the relevant authorities to help recover the stolen vehicle much faster than you otherwise would have. The figures speak for themselves too with a 96% recovery rate after theft for vehicles fitted with GPS devices, as opposed to those without – just 10-12%.

Geo-Fence Vehicles & Machinery

Our real time vehicle tracking also offers you the ability to quite literally fence in your fleet to a certain area. The GPS devices will ensure your equipment is used within a particular location, confining it to a specific footprint thanks to a 25 point geo-fencing system which will notify you, via the vehicle tracking app if any part of your fleet leaves the designated area. It’s worth noting this can also be used to geo-fence equipment too, not just your vehicles or plant machinery, allowing you to monitor the location of site equipment from the app at any given time.

To gain access to the app, you’ll first need to sign up to our services. If you’d like more information, or would like to make an enquiry about the services available, jump online or call 01702 507200 now.

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