Asset Monitoring

Wear and tear on a plant asset or machine is based on the hours of engine use, therefore accurately predicting the need to perform maintenance or when to refuel can be time-consuming and costly. Our asset monitoring solution is designed to record accurate usage and forewarns you to an upcoming event or requirement to aid in streamlining the maintenance process. Asset data can also be used to provide exact usage for billing and accounting purposes.

Additionally, a persistent risk to assets and equipment is theft, our unit provides GPS tracking services as standard. This can result in a substantial added cost as well as potential interruption to operations. Our devices have in-built anti-theft and tamper-detection functions to report any possible threats.

Read our recovery stories to find out how our monitoring systems have helped our customers after a theft.

Benefits of an Asset Monitoring Solution:

  • Any type of equipment supported

    Our devices are designed to support a wide range of assets and equipment types including trailers, containers, plant & agricultural machinery, and generators. We check your requirements at the time of ordering ensuring that each device fits your precise requirements and your equipment meaning that you will never need to worry about compatibility.

  • Unauthorised usage

    To guard against unauthorised usage our system can be programmed to a pre-defined whitelist of users to ensure that every operator is trained and certified to use the equipment reducing safety concerns.

  • Geo-fencing

    To ensure that your equipment is only used in the appropriate area or confined to a specific location, our management software can be programmed to up to a 25 point geo-fencing which will notify you to any usage outside of this area.

  • Robust design

    Each of our telematics units are manufactured to a robust design that is water and dust proofed (IP67) to ensure that no matter where you use your asset it is protected.

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