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One of the largest threats to plant and agricultural businesses is the theft of machinery meaning that farmers and plant hirers need to consistently implement new security measures. This is especially true as the last PANIU report showing that Plant and Agricultural crime has increased in the last quarter (July – September 2017) by 16.5% and with mini excavators still the most targeted machine with a dramatic 63% rise in reported thefts, making protecting plant machinery increasing more important. The Enigma team has picked their top 5 tips to help prevent plant theft over the festive season.

  1. Immobilise Machinery

One of the best ways to protect your plant or agricultural equipment is to disable it, ensure that you have engaged the immobilisation system on each asset before closing up. Not only does this mean that thieves can’t just drive it away, but should they manage to load it up and get away with it there is nothing that can be done with it without the correct codes or ID card to active it again.

  1. Ensure it is Secure

If the machine is likely to be left for a long period of time then moving it into a secure location either a warehouse or shed will offer additional protection from would-be thieves, as it will be out of sight and hopefully out of mind. Another step that could be taken in conjunction with relocating the equipment is to anchor it to either a loop embedded in the floor or another object that is either impossible or extremely hard to move.

  1. Enable Alerts

This is particularly important for customers who will be away from their equipment for an extended period of time or expect that some work will continue over the Christmas period, enabling alerts either by email or text (additional costs may be incurred) will keep you informed if the asset moves for any reason. Furthermore, if zones are set up for covering the site. depot or yard should the machine travel outside of that area either under its own power or transported by another vehicle you will be alerted. For information on how to set up zones see our tutorials page.

  1. Communication

It seems like a simple step, but ensure that all communication lines are clear and simple. If you are setting up alerts (and we do recommend doing so) make sure that alerts are only sent to a small selection of people so that alerts aren’t “just left to someone else”. Perhaps set up a schedule for over Christmas for who will be responsible on each day. Additionally, make sure that if work that is due to continue over the Christmas period that all responsible parties are aware of it and if night work is to take place disable alerts so that you aren’t alerted of erroneously.

  1. Make Sure it is Tracked

Ensure that an accessible agriculture equipment has GPS tracking installed ensuring that should the worst happen and the machine is stolen it can be found. Not only does this mean that police can be informed of the current location of the asset but have the ability to track the position of the machine in real-time dramatically increases the chances of recovery.

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