What Is Fleet Telematics?

It’s a question we’re asked time and again, “What is fleet telematics?” Put simply, fleet telematics is the exchange of information from a commercial fleet to a central operating system. With fleet telematics becoming a necessity now, rather than just a ‘nice to have’, demand has dramatically increased . With this increase in demand comes advancements in technology and huge improvements in how we track and manage commercial fleets.

Where fleet managers may once have had to manually record information such as fuel usage, planned routes and more, this can now all be done for you automatically thanks to systems supplied by fleet telematics . This not only saves time but makes for a much more efficient method for managing commercial fleets.

Using fleet telematics offers vast benefits for companies running fleets. From KPI monitoring, allowing companies to track areas where they can improve operations, to optimising services and route planning, which ultimately means reduced costs.

What Is Fleet Telematics?

What Does Fleet Telematics Mean for You?

The wide-reaching benefits that Fleet Telematics offers fleet operators and management can be felt across the business. Not only improving customer-facing service but workshop and administration processes as well.

Monitor Driver Behaviour

Using fleet telematics and fleet management software allows you to understand your fleet’s driving practices. Telematics will monitor everything from acceleration and braking, to driving hours and distance travelled. You’ll be able to monitor how harshly a driver uses the brakes as well as how fast they travel. With this, you can address where and how driver training needs to be implemented and reward good driving. By implementing training where necessary, a company can benefit from more fuel-efficient driving as well as the knowledge they’re putting much safer drivers on the road.

Optimse and Plan Routes

With up-to-date traffic information, you can be alerted to traffic and congestion becoming an issue on a route you plan to use. This gives you time to reroute and avoid unnecessary time spent in traffic and fuel costs.

Improve Overall Fleet Security

Fleet telematics geofencing allows you to be notified when your vehicles or assets go outside of a designated perimeter. This provides added security for all fleets by instantly notifying you when one of your assets travels outside of its usual zones or moves from a certain area. In addition to this the tracking system provides the exact location of every vehicle and asset at any given time making recovery of anything stolen much easier and more efficient should a theft occur.

Improve Servicing and Maintenance Scheduling

Whether you want to be more organised when it comes to regular servicing or want more information on a vehicle/asset’s health, fleet telematics can help hugely with preventative maintenance. From minor faults to upcoming servicing appointments, you’ll be notified each time. With regular servicing taking place and minor faults being looked at upon notification, larger issues can become a thing of the past. This reduces unnecessary downtime and saves money by allowing you to tackle much smaller issues before they become bigger issues.

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