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As the winter sets in for many plant hire companies this means that the Christmas Shut Down is coming, with many of their depots and workshops closing for an extended period. This, of course, brings with it a set of fears and worries, such as thefts, machines freezing, and did Dave leave the kettle unplugged? These worries Depot and Workshop Managers really don’t need as they are tucking into their Christmas Turkey on the big day. Having our immobilisers installed is one way to eliminate some of those Christmas worries, and fortunately, they offer a host of features and functions that help to protect your vehicles and assets.

Collecting Machines:

As the Christmas period comes into play many depots will start to collect or have returned previously hired equipment and machines as customers and sites close until the New Year. This means that many machines will be stood down before being able to collect or moved to a depot making them harder to collect especially on larger sites, with an immobiliser is attached to a Skyline tracking system collection crews are able to pinpoint the location of a piece of equipment or machine quickly thus reducing time wasted searching.

Furthermore, if the machine or piece of equipment needs to be moved under its own power for a short distance each of our immobilisers can be placed in a “Valet Mode” removing the need for crews to know each immobiliser code for each machine, reducing paperwork and making pick up easier.

Preparing for the Christmas Break:

When closing up for the Christmas Break, we would advise customers to take the following steps to further protect their assets and machines against potential theft especially if machines or equipment is left outside and vulnerable.

The below advice is specifically for E-Lock systems.

  • Note when the code was last changed, is it about time that it should be updated?
  • Ensure that the PIN code is kept secure. Were possible it may be worthwhile to change PIN codes on devices only for the Christmas period in case codes become known
  • Ensure that if Pin codes aren’t changes that the code is not visible from the outside the machine, we are aware of some users scratching codes onto glass or paint
  • Try not to use a predictable formula to create the codes
  • Ensure that Depot and Master codes are secure

The below advice is specifically for E-touch systems.

  • Ensure that master key is secured and out of sight
  • Account for all issued cards before closing down for Christmas
  • Make sure that if additional keys are required for over the Christmas period that they are numbered and accounted for (ensure that appropriate users are aware how to code new keys)

Leading up to and during the Christmas Break, we will have staff on hand if you have any issues with immobiliser access. However, for any changes or request for security codes, there will be a series of security checks conducted by our operators.

For urgent requirements call 0844 800 9926, pressing 1 for customer services.

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