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In 2017, the construction industry contributed 7% to UK GDP and accounted for approximately 3 million jobs. It’s a highly competitive, regulated market and companies are constantly pushing for new projects to deliver increased performance with clear ROI.

Furthermore, the economic landscape is becoming increasingly complex and uncertain and the price of raw materials is proving ever more difficult to predict.

As a result a growing number of construction firms are now focusing their efforts on maximising the performance and efficiency of current assets.

Construction equipment presents significant opportunities for cutting costs and increasing productivity – however managing and coordinating a large construction fleet spread over various regions can be a huge challenge.

To support our customers in tackling this challenge we’ve put together a series of blogs which highlight how managers and contractors can use advanced telematics solutions to gain valuable insight of fleet operations, maintenance and management; thus empowering them to identify and address cost inefficiencies caused by the under or over utilisation of equipment.

The main areas where telematics can enable managers and contractors to make critical cost saving decisions are:

  • Fleet optimisation
  • Improved security
  • Back office efficiency

Fleet Optimisation – What are The Benefits?

To start, smart telematics solutions enable managers to better monitor and manage fuel spend by keeping track of overloading, under/over equipment utilisation and fuel theft.

At the same time, each piece of equipment can be monitored to see whether it’s being used to its full potential by tracking asset idleness and run times. In this way, decisions can be made as to which machines are surplus to requirements and can be unloaded or moved to a different site.

Another benefit of telematics is the ability to easily detect when certain pieces of equipment are presenting higher wear and tear metrics, thus prompting more proactive maintenance. This prevents unexpected downtime caused by equipment failure. 

If you’d like to know more about how telematics could help you increase your fleet’s efficiency and performance, get in touch with our experts.

Check out our next blogs to learn more about the security benefits of smart telematics solutions.

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