Green Fleet Management With Enigma

The environment and our contribution toward making it a healthier one is an-ever growing pressure. Not only is climate change an issue that becomes more prominent each year but air pollution is also becoming ever-more alarming, especially in major cities. With London having a history of breaching it’s pollution limits, it’s so important that we find fixes, technological or otherwise that will help us make more positive impacts on our surrounding environment. Green fleet management is just one way in which we can deliver significant improvements. From reductions in fuel consumption to reductions in carbon emissions, our online management portal Skyline can help make a huge impact.

Green Fleet Management Using Skyline

Reducing Idle Engines – An idle engine is one of the biggest ways to waste fuel. The vehicle ignition is on yet the vehicle remains stationary. Our fleet management software allows you to monitor each vehicle within your fleet and provides reports identifying when engines are idle. This allows you to implement training and policies to help reduce the occurrence. By reducing idle engines, you cut fuel costs and CO2 output.

Monitoring CO2 – Fleet tracking software can help with major improvements in CO2 output by allowing fleet managers access to data such as fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Couple this with location tracking and route reports to see how driver behaviour can then be improved. Vehicle alerts can easily be measured in order to enable all operators and drivers to adjust their performances accordingly to reduce CO2 output. Monitoring CO2 is essential for companies working within city centres.

Better Route Planning – With our fleet management software you can enjoy more accurate and responsive route planning thanks to location data. This makes it much easier for fleet managers to determine the optimal route from A to B. It will also allow you to change the pre-planned route should circumstance dictate, such as traffic disruptions or adverse weather conditions. This helps make journey times more efficient, reducing the amount of time vehicles are on the road or engines running idle in traffic.

Improve Driver Behaviour – From reducing fuel consumption through more efficient driving to providing a more in-depth look at the way your drivers behave on the road – improving driver behaviour can have a great impact. Dangerous actions such as harsh braking, excessive acceleration and even dangerous cornering can be identified. This allows fleet managers to implement the necessary training to counteract these actions. Aggressive driving like this wastes fuel. Implementing training to counteract it can therefore aid in reducing fuel usage and subsequently CO2 output.

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