Since its emergence 15 years ago, telematics has largely been regarded as an operational tool for recording and monitoring where vehicles are at any given time and how long their journeys have taken. But as its technology becomes more sophisticated, telematics has expanded and become a vital part of effective fleet management.

One of the main benefits of telematics that many delivery companies potentially don’t consider in the beginning, is what improvements solutions bring to customer satisfaction.

By providing valuable insights on traffic, navigation and delivery schedules, telematics solutions enable fleet managers to analyse which routes and journey timings can be modified to save time and reduce expenditure.

Also, when drivers log details of each delivery in real-time, fleet managers can instantly rearrange vehicle schedules to pick up unexpected loads or compensate for delays. The outcome? Lower costs generated by journeys made without a load and an increase in overall profitability.

There are maintenance advantages as well. Using telematics, delivery companies can monitor the status of vehicles, track component failure rate and proactively manage maintenance schedules to prevent downtime.

As the fleet’s overall performance improves as a result, vehicles can make faster deliveries and customer complaints about late deliveries should reduce, in turn leading to improved relationships with customers and increased client satisfaction.

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