Cloud security representing construction security

In our previous blog we outlined how the construction industry can use smart telematics solutions to increase efficiency and productivity by optimising a fleet.

Improved Security

Continuing our discussion which started with fleet optimisation, another important aspect is security.

According to the Plant and Agricultural National Intelligence Unit of the Metropolitan Police (PANIU), during H1 2017 over one thousand items of construction equipment were stolen. The organisation’s investigations revealed that thieves targeted mini excavators, dumpers and tractors, particularly.

Besides the significant financial loss, a stolen piece of equipment can also generate additional expenses like downtime costs, potential loss of customers or delays in delivering contracted projects.

Using telematics solutions can either mitigate or drastically reduce all these problems, as in the event of a theft by quickly locating the machine, enabling the alerting of the authorities, leading to the recovery of the equipment in a short period of time.

Another security benefit relates to theft prevention, when telematics is integrated into a immobilisation device – restricting the use of a piece of plant to authorised users or completely. This offers a keen advantage for construction companies, as if a machine is left unattended for a long time (say over the course of the Easter or winter shutdowns) enabling immobilisation means that the machine is locked down and will not start or move under it’s own power without the correct code. Making it considerably harder to steal.

Additionally, thanks to being able to control access site managers can also restrict the access to specific machinery. Thus ensuring that they are fulfilling their health & safety duty to workers, by ensuring that only people trained and accredited are issued codes to operate certain types of equipment; which introduces a traceability factor to machine usage on site.

At the same time, being able to track and present detailed reports regarding the equipment’s health, performance and location enables contractors to negotiate lower insurance premiums and optimise fleet operations, decreasing overall running costs in the process.

Interested in knowing more about the security benefits of telematics? Get in touch with our team.

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