Police car and Digger representing plant crime statistics

The latest issue of quarterly report from the Metropolitan Police’s Specialist unit, PANIU, which highlights national plant crime statistics and shows the current situation of Plant and Agriculture crime from the last 3 months. The Plant Crime Statistics are painting a worrying picture for many companies and farms across the country.

The statistics shows that in general theft has increased by 3.5% between the first quarter and the second quarter of the year, rising from 522 machines stolen to 540. Additionally, the South East of the UK is currently the worse hit accounting for 31% of all machinery stolen. 

Thieves are turning their attention to telehandlers, with a 45% increase in reported thefts from the first quarter to the second. However, while this is a marked increase, this still places telehandlers one of the lower priority targets for thieves. Despite a decrease in thefts mini excavators are still the most stolen piece of plant equipment according to the crime statistics. 

We have broken down some of the key information from the PANIU report in this helpful infographic below.

The PANIU reports can be downloaded from their website.

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