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In our previous two blogs we talked about telematics’ benefits for the construction industry (fleet optimisation and security). But what about the time-consuming administration that firms have to deal with? The forms and paperwork used in order to track their fleet and those workers handling machinery?

Can telematics help with that? The answer is yes.

Back-office efficiency and environmental benefits

One of the biggest pain-points for fleet management in many construction companies is the administrative element. One of the first complaints that we hear from a lot of the companies we visit is “fleet management creates a load of paperwork”. Fortunately, one of the key benefits of integrating telematics solutions into your administrative processes helps to eliminate massive amounts of paperwork, as it collects much of the daily data of fleet operation in one digital platform. This means that many core forms are no longer needed, from simply removing the need to have timesheets for each machine, worker or site to equipment or machine pre-checks.

Furthermore, another element that telematics can help to improve the way that a construction company can optimise their back-office processes is through maintenance. Data collected via telematics can help to plan ahead and schedule preventative maintenance and repairs on key equipment, ensuring that it isn’t pulled from service too early. Furthermore, telematics data can alert you to issues with equipment operation, which can be an indication of potential failure.

Another important element that would be very difficult to track without telematics is CO2 emissions generated by machinery. With a greater understanding of what emissions are being generated, a company can plan in advance its environmental strategy and ensure it complies with the necessary laws and regulations.

These help to streamline the administration process and increase overall efficiency within the organisation. Saving organisations time, resources, and giving them more accurate insights into their fleet and employees.

If you’re interested in learning more about how telematics reduces costs and increases performance for your construction equipment fleet, please read our other blogs or get in touch with our team.

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