As the year comes to a close, many fleet managers will be looking to review how their fleet has faired and how drivers have performed over the year. This can mean a lot of back and forth collecting information, reviewing data, and [of course] a lot of paperwork, fortunately, Skyline’s reporting systems mean that a lot of the legwork is done for you. Below we take you through some key performance indicators (KPIs) across both vehicle and plant fleets and how Skyline can help you analyse your data quickly and efficiently, additional information can be found on our video tutorials page.


At-A-Glance Assessment:

A recent development within Skyline is a new at-a-glance system called the Machine Overview / Asset Dashboard. This view gives fleet managers a quick overview of the current status of particular assets in their fleet allowing for a review of recent activity including weekly fuel consumption, hours worked or driving hours, CO2 output, as well as current GPS position and movement map for either the last day, week or month. If you do not have this option enabled within your account and would like it please contact us.


Maintenance Scheduling:

Understanding the current condition of your fleet means that you keep on top of general vehicle or asset maintenance ensuring that you can take preventative action preventing damaging wear on vehicles or assets. Reviewing reports such as Distance Summary and fleet Summary allows you to review the total distance travelled by a vehicle as well as the number of days that it has been used within a given period and the average amount of journey per day (additionally, for some installations will give current odometer readings). This overview gives you insight into how often vehicles are used and enables you to track under- or over-used vehicles in your fleet either marked them for rotation or de-fleeting. Furthermore, Skyline’s inbuilt function for maintenance tracking means that you can log MOT dates or servicing points within the system against each vehicle or asset.


Plant Utilisation:

Achieving a high utilisation rate for all asset types is a key factor in ensuring effective and efficient use across a fleet. However, it should be noted that, while a great goal to aim for, achieving 100% utilisation isn’t actually realistic; this is due to assets needing occasional maintenance introducing downtime. Making is assessment somewhat of an arduous job, fortunately, Skyline has a specific reporting system to design to measure plant utilisation including analysis of total operational time and measurement of utilisation since a specific date.

Driver Behaviour:

Using Skyline’s driver reporting to assess how your drivers behave when driving enables in-depth risk assessments. Giving you the ability to highlight drivers that require additional driving and vehicle safety training preventing potential loses for the company. Furthermore, assessing how drivers utilise their vehicles helps to assess cost requirements for each vehicle from fuel consumption (available via the fuel level change report and weekly usage Fuel Cost panel in the vehicle KPI dashboard, so long as your vehicle has fuel data collected) to excessive idling events and their wear on the vehicle.

While this list is not finite, we hope that the reports and KPIs that we have highlighted have been of use and help you to efficiently review your fleet performance over the last year. If you would like to discuss any further reporting or receive training on the reports available on Skyline contact us to arrange a session.

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