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By developing a network of international partners that now includes companies in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Enigma is able to make its flagship Skyline system available for use by organisations around the world.

One of Enigma’s most successful global partners is Amanah Engineering, based in Kuwait. Enigma’s relationship with the company dates back to 2009 when Amanah connected 19 units to the Skyline system.

Since then, the number of Skyline connections made by Amanah Engineering has risen exponentially. In 2014, just five years later, Amanah connected 605 new units and has already connected 1,245 so far in 2015. Amanah now has 180 customers for its Asset Management services, which includes organisations such as Lafarge, Kuwait Oil Company, Princess Rent a Car, Coolex, Heisco and NBTC.

Speaking of the success of Skyline in Kuwait, Haytham Musleh, owner of Amanah Engineering said, “By working with Enigma, we have been able to help organisations in Kuwait to better manage their fleet operations. The calibre of the organisations that have chosen to work with us and adopt Skyline is a testament to the quality of the system and the genuine improvements that it can make to the effectiveness of an organisation’s fleet management.”

Simon Keam-George, Business Development Director at Enigma, said, “The success of Skyline in a number of different overseas markets is due to a number of factors, especially the fact that the system can be deployed quickly, with a low cost to market. Skyline is reliable, proven and robust and Amanah Engineering provides an outstanding service and support to customers using it in Kuwait.”

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