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When standing plant down over the Christmas break it can be a daunting time for many workshop, site, and depot managers as well as overall fleet managers. The fact that a site or depot will sit unused and potentially unprotected for a period of up to two weeks could cause serious problems when starting them back up as the break concludes, not only from a security point of view but also as nature takes its toll.

However, there are steps that can be taken to control and mitigate the potential problems on the horizon. Below are some key steps as well as helpful resources that will help to ensure that your Christmas free of disruption.

Planning for the Christmas Shut Down

This is the first and probably the most important aspect of getting ready for the Christmas break, getting ahead of yourself and making sure that you are prepared for as many eventualities as possible. Preparing a checklist of tasks that need to be undertaken before you close will help to ensure that everything is secured. Fortunately, there is a great checklist from Australian start-up, SafetyCulture, it has been designed for construction sites by also applies to Plant hire yards and depots.

Lock-Up and Batten Down

Make sure that the site or yard is correctly locked up and any potential security concerns that could be exploited by thieves to enter are blocked. Additionally, any fencing that is easily accessed should be reinforced to protect from being blown or knocked over.

Valuables Under Lock and Key

While it seems like an obvious point to make many sites can overlook simple valuable items which are left in areas that could be easily accessed. Make sure that all vehicle and machine keys and cards are placed in locked or secured areas that are away from windows or doors if possible place them in a secure lockbox inside a safe to improve security.

Protect Against the Elements

While thieves are a threat over the Christmas break, so can be Mother Nature. Strong winds or cold temperatures can damage equipment or vulnerable stock, placing these inside or undercover will help to protect them and ensure that you don’t come back to a repair bill in January.

Secure All Machinery

Securing large valuable objects like plant or vehicles (company cars or vans) can be difficult and locking them away in a shed or warehouse isn’t always practical or viable. Therefore, having vehicle tracking or security systems installed on equipment dramatically increases the probability of recovering a vehicle or machine should thieves strike. With tracking systems installed should the machine or vehicle be stolen it can be tracked and its current location pinpointed quickly and efficiently, furthermore if security products are also installed alongside the tracking system the vehicle can be remotely locked down and immobilised.

Enigma’s Skyline range of tracking and security products can help to protect assets from thieves, giving you complete peace of mind at this festive time of year. Contact us today to discuss how our range can help you have a stress-free Christmas.

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