Telematics implementation has proved to help to optimise fleet performance across the board.

The online retail industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world and analysts estimate that by 2021 total global online sales will amount to $4.48 trillion – that’s almost twice the UK’s GDP.

This growth is supported by fast evolving technology and a strong parcel delivery industry. As an increasing number of shoppers prefer purchasing online to brick and mortar stores, and at the same time expect to receive their items in the shortest time possible, retailers need to adapt quickly, become increasingly efficient and keep costs down.

If retailers are to survive in such a highly competitive arena, they need to cater to digitally connected consumers who are always looking for lower prices, greater convenience and a seamless experience when buying, receiving and returning products 24/7.

This puts substantial pressure on delivery companies that need to reduce costs and reduce the impact of fleet management on the environment but also significantly increase their speed and efficiency.

Thankfully technology comes to the rescue and delivery, fulfilment and logistics companies servicing the ecommerce sector can now use smart telematics tools that enable them to access a wealth of data in real-time regarding every vehicle in their fleet to improve their performance, efficiency and lifetime value.

Get in touch today if you wish to learn how Enigma Telematics could deliver these outcomes for your commercial fleet and increase your competitiveness at the same time.

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