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Closing up for Christmas can be a worrying time for fleet, site and depot management, not only leaving machines unattended for up to two weeks also potentially unprotected. However, a quick solution that many companies overlook is installing temporary tracking systems on assets specifically for the Christmas period, which can go a long way to help to alleviate this concern. At Enigma, we understand that the Christmas period can be a busy one especially leading up to the shutdown, therefore, all our temporary solutions are designed to deployable direct from the box without the need for setting up.

We offer two types of temporary tracking depending on requirements, either as a magnetic device attaching to the outside of the vehicle, trailer or machinery or plugging directly into the OBDII port within the vehicle. We have found that normally over the Christmas period companies are looking for standard location features to track the current location of their equipment and alert them if it moves; if additional requirements are needed, please notify us at time of ordering and our specialists can tailor the equipment for your particular purpose before shipping to guarantee that devices are always quick to deploy.

Moreover, as each of the devices is connected to our powerful management platform, Skyline, we are able to further enhance basic tracking via the platform. This means that customers can set of zones around a particular area and implement alerts to specific contacts removing any chance of missing potential issues. When designating a zone around an area, be that a yard, depot or construction site means that should the vehicle or piece of machinery start to move out of that zone an alert will be triggered and flagged on Skyline. As an additional precaution Skyline is able to alert chosen staff members of this movement. At this point, if you are aware of the activity beforehand it can be dismissed (however, at least you know that your guys are getting the job done), but if this is not an authorised action then you have been alerted quickly allowing for appropriate action to be taken before it is too late.

Alert contacts can be added via the Skyline interface and we have a tutorial on how to do this on our Video Tutorials page. Furthermore, alerts can be sent via two methods either via email to selected email addresses or to a group of mobile numbers via a text message. It should be noted that if you would prefer to be contacted by text message, then these are charged at an additional rate. Additional information on how to set up alert contacts in an upcoming blog post.

With our temporary tracking solutions, we remove the worry of the Christmas shutdown and help to ensure that you can rest easy this Christmas. To discuss your requirements contact us today.

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