Trackers For Plant Machinery

Trackers for plant machinery ensure full protection for your assets. They allow you to track and monitor your asset’s whereabouts on a day-to-day basis as well as in the event of theft. Plant equipment, from excavators to tractors, are extremely expensive and as a result, find themselves at high risk of being stolen. Enigma can help you with fleet management software.

Theft is bad enough, however add to this the fact that retrieval of plant equipment without any form of tracking device can be as little as 5% and it becomes all the more problematic. Loss of any equipment to theft can be a huge drain on a company. Taking precautionary measures therefore makes perfect sense and having a plant machinery tracking system is one of the best precautionary measures you can take.

Trackers For Plant Machinery

Benefits Of Plant Machinery Trackers

The term plant machinery covers a wide variety of equipment. From compressors to loaders, excavators to dumpers; agricultural equipment needs protection and our machinery tracking covers them all. Recovery of stolen equipment can prove difficult enough; replacing it however, is another matter entirely.

Not only could you face the prospect of buying your assets twice but there’s also the huge financial impact to consider through loss of trade. With machinery missing, your ability to cater to your current customer flow reduces, causing upset clients and a reduction in income for you.

Theft Prevention & Vehicle Monitoring

Theft prevention isn’t the only benefit of tracking devices however. Without activity monitoring equipment installed in your assets, misuse during operation and activities such as unnecessary fuel consumption could easily go unnoticed. Vehicle monitoring can help reduce any future unseen costs.

For instance, are you hiring plant machinery to third parties? Are you billing for each use or leaving your equipment in situ allowing it to be used without your knowledge? Overuse of equipment affects not only the lifetime of the machinery but also impacts areas such as servicing and maintenance. This could once again cost you more with extra maintenance costs as well as the need to replace your loaders and compressors much sooner than expected.

Contact Enigma For Machinery Tracking

At Enigma, we’re a leading provider of plant machinery tracking, equipment and telematics with the help of our online management portal Skyline. The benefits for telehandlers to pumps are beyond just financial, offering peace of mind in not only theft prevention but the ability to recover stolen assets quickly and efficiently. Our tracking system supports any asset and can be accessed from anywhere online. It can also be adjusted to send you the notifications you want.

Your requirements are checked at the time of ordering to ensure you receive the best service tailored to suit. We’ve installed trackers for plant machinery for everyone from builders to farmers and we can do the same for you too.

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