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Speaking about Enigma Telematics’ relationship with the Murphy Group, Simon Keam-George, Business Development Director at Enigma said,

“We pride ourselves on delivering vehicle telematics solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of our customers. From working closely with the Murphy Group, we appreciate its absolute commitment to quality of service and best practice – values that underpin everything we do at Enigma too.

“Skyline provides fleet managers with a wealth of information that allows them to bring about genuine improvements to the effectiveness and efficiency of their business – as the Murphy Group has clearly demonstrated. We hope to continue our strong relationship with them in the future.”

Company: Murphy Group

After winning a contract to provide services to EDF Energy, Civil Engineering specialist, the Murphy Group first utilised Enigma Telematics’ expertise in February 2008. Prior to Murphy taking over the contract, the incumbent contractor had utilised vehicle telematics and Murphy was keen to ensure continuity in this area.

After considering Murphy’s precise requirements, Enigma recommended its flagship Skyline system as a viable solution and following the necessary approvals, telematics units were installed on the vehicles that would be used to undertake the work.

Skyline allowed Murphy to demonstrate adherence to contract conditions such as miles driven and hours worked by its staff, with timesheet validation possible through the extraction of accurate fleet management data, which was provided to EDF.

Successful implementation of the project heralded the start of an excellent working relationship between Enigma and Murphy, which has grown in strength ever since. Murphy has steadily increased its usage of Skyline, both in terms of the number of vehicles, plant and machinery monitored and also the range of information extracted from the system.

The Murphy Group owns, manages and maintains plant and transport equipment valued in excess of £100 million. To safeguard and maximise the effectiveness of some of this equipment, around 1,600 fleet vehicles and items of plant and heavy machinery are now monitored by Skyline.

The latest version of the system – Skyline 7.5 – is the first from Enigma to feature a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) format, designed to help businesses easily identify inappropriate vehicle use and driver behaviour, optimise fuel usage through effective fuel management and protect assets from theft.

Drivers are allocated scores for their performance in areas including speeding, harsh breaking, harsh acceleration and emergency breaking, with performance ranked as green, amber or red. These KPI ‘traffic lights’ allow fleet managers to educate persistent offenders and bring about genuine improvements. Benefits include fuel savings from a reduction in vehicle idling, unauthorised use and poor driving, which often has the added benefit of fewer accidents involving fleet vehicles.

Such benefits have certainly been experienced by Murphy, which has achieved the following improvements in 2014 alone:

  • 10% reduction in ‘out of hours’ usage of company vehicles
  • 15% reduction in vehicle idling
  • 19% reduction in speeding incidents
  • Improved driver safety – 17.5% less drivers in the red category
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