Concrete suppliers case study

Company: Ocean Ready Mix

The installation of the Skyline system has automated fleet management at Ocean Readymix & Precast, giving the company greater visibility of the fleet and ensuring that vehicles are taking the correct route to customers. While also allowing checks to be performed to ensure that the deliveries are on time and helping to prevent vehicles from being left idle for long periods of time. Ocean Readymix & Precast has even prescribed inputs from the Skyline system that tell the company exactly when the vehicles are unloading.

The accurate information provided by Skyline enables Ocean Readymix & Precast to move vehicles easily between batching plants, optimising both production and delivery resources, while providing customers with more precise delivery information. Ocean Readymix & Precast is also using the Skyline system to monitor the performance of the company‘s drivers behaviour, checking that they are not speeding and are adhering to the company‘s code of practice.

The Skyline system has provided significant, measurable benefits throughout the Ocean Readymix & Precast fleet with direct cost savings due to enhanced efficiency in running the fleet and, most importantly, improved customer service.

As well as concrete trucks, the Skyline system can be used on any vehicle and all types of site equipment from excavators, compressors and dumpers to generators, forklift trucks, traffic light sets and powered access platforms.

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