Selwood Case Study

“I would not hesitate to recommend them to any organisation looking to appoint a proven and reliable telematics specialist.”

Paul Green
Group Transport Manager at Selwood

Company: Selwood

Selwood Ltd operates a fleet of company vehicles and with a nationwide branch network stretching from Exeter to Edinburgh, these vehicles are vital to the success of the business.

After carefully assessing the suitability of various suppliers, Selwood appointed Enigma Telematics as its chosen supplier and introduced Enigma’s flagship Skyline system across its fleet.

Skyline, a web-based fleet management and security system, allows users to trace, track and monitor their mobile assets whilst on the move. Used to improve the security, efficiency and environmental performance of company fleets, Skyline has delivered tangible benefits to Enigma’s customers, including Selwood.

With 240 of Selwood’s company vehicles now monitored by Skyline, the system has proved extremely beneficial, in a multitude of ways:

Cost savings through improved driver behaviour

Skyline’s web-tracking function has helped to improve the performance of Selwood’s fleet, by highlighting those instances of poor driver behaviour that were having the biggest impact on costs.

This information has allowed Selwood to educate its fleet drivers and has undoubtedly resulted in improved performance and cost savings.

The latest version of the system – Skyline 7.5 – incorporates a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) format, with drivers allocated scores for their performance in areas such as speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration and emergency braking, with performance ranked as green, amber or red.

The KPI traffic light system makes it much easier to see where improvements are needed, allowing fleet managers to educate persistent offenders and see genuine improvements. In addition, Skyline’s privacy button option has been vital in allowing Selwood to achieve improvements but at the same time continuing to demonstrate trust in its drivers of cars who enjoy private use.

Reduced vehicle accidents

As outlined above, Skyline 7.5 makes it much easier for fleet managers to determine if company vehicles are being driven appropriately – and to take action if they are not.

By using the Skyline behaviour monitoring tools to monitor its fleet, Selwood estimates it has been able to achieve a reduction in motor vehicle accidents by nearly 40%, resulting in a saving of up to £104,000 per annum, even before the hidden costs of hire vehicles, loss of productivity, etc are considered.

Selwood has also been able to use Skyline to gather valuable information from vehicles that have been involved in accidents, allowing the company to fully evaluate the circumstances during post-accident investigations. It has also allowed Selwood to successfully refute a number of third party allegations, by proving that a company vehicle was not at the scene of an accident as alleged, or was at an accident scene but was parked and not moving at the time.

Reduced fuel consumption

As a committed bronze member of TfL’s Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), Selwood strives to minimise its fuel usage and since the introduction of Skyline, fleet fuel consumption has fallen by around 8%, equating to a reduction of around 100,000 litres per year.

In turn, this reduction has helped to reduce Selwood’s carbon footprint, with Skyline helping drivers to focus more on the environmental impact of their day-to-day activities and achieve improvements in areas such as excess engine idling.

Increased security

By enabling Selwood to pinpoint the location of its fleet, Skyline has also assisted from a security perspective. In the 7 years that Selwood have had Skyline fitted, they have not lost a vehicle through theft that has had the Skyline unit fitted.

Management Reporting

Selwood also uses the various management reporting functions to measure and monitor compliance to other parts of its vehicle operation policies.

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