We were informed that a customer had a sit-on mower stolen over the August Bank Holiday from one of their sites. We were able to track the mower to an area of green belt land not far from the theft location. We promptly notified the customer and both local police and specialist unit, PANIU, to the location of the mower.

Local police dispatched some officers to search for the vehicle in our specified location but were unable to locate it in the specified area. Upon contacting us, our team confirmed that the asset had not moved and was still in the green belt field. We were able to positively locate the mower in that field, but still the police were unable to find it. Based on the location we believed that the machine could possibly being hidden in one of the buildings across the field. However, unable to gain entry to the buildings the police were forced to leave the area.

Short time after the police left the mower started moving again. Our team was informed by our automated alerts system of the movement. After confirm with our client that no-one had attempted to retrieve the mower. The team believe that the thieves were watching the mower and were spooked by the police’s presence in the field. We immediately contacted the police.

The team watched the mower’s progress via our real-time tracking. Having travelled to another location some 20 miles away, we informed the police of the new location. Fortunately, one of our staff members happened to be in the area where the mower stopped and travelled down. He was able to see the mower from the road, once we had this confirmation we contacted PANIU to assist with recovery.

We were contacted by the customer shortly afterwards to inform us that they had had the mower returned to them.

We are always pleased to report successful recoveries if you want to join the growing group of companies that enjoy peace of mind with our units protecting their machines, contact us for a consultation.

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