In late July 2017, a customer informed us that a Thwaites High Lift 1 Ton Dumper had disappeared from a site in London overnight and was believed to have been stolen. They requested for the Enigma Team trace and locate the machine, which turned out to have been moved 15 miles and had been in an open field in Nazeing, Essex, however it looked like some attempt had been made to comprise the tracking equipment by attempting to shield the vehicle, but had failed. Due to the device’s configuration, the attempt didn’t interrupt the signal and our team were able to swiftly confirm the precise location, which moved the Thwaites machine to an industrial area slightly to the south. We quickly alerted the customer to the position and contacted the local Police to confirm the theft and location.

However, when police attended the scene and they were unable to find dumper, surmising that it was possibly being stored in one of the warehouses in the industrial park and officers unable to gain entry or look inside. As a basic precaution, our team set-up additional alerts for both themselves and the customer to report on the progress of the machine should it move again.

Two days later, we had confirmed movement of the dumper, which looked to be either transported by trailer or van, from the industrial area a short distance to another site just inside Hertfordshire. We contacted Plant and Agricultural National Intelligence Unit to inform them of the movement, who contacted local officers to attend. Essex and Hertfordshire police headed to the area but were they were unable to find the dumper in or around the buildings.

The police on the scene contacted us directly to confirm location, which we confirmed and stated that it was showing a strong signal reporting from the area the police where. Watching the dumper on Skyline showed that it was very slowly moving around the area, which indicated that the thieves could be attempting to dodge the police. We relayed this information to officers on the ground and a short time later we had confirmation that a Ford Transit van had been stopped and the dumper was found inside.

The dumper was returned to the very pleased customer.

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