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The power of our units has once again been proven by another successful recovery for a customer after their machine was stolen in Essex. This was a more daring theft as the criminals took the machine in the middle of the afternoon on the 7th October.

The customer contacted our team to assist with the recovery of the machine. Our team quickly checked the reported location the device and which showed a positive location in a scrap yard at an industrial estate in south-east London. With this confirmed location, we contacted the customer and local police to recover the machine. A few hours later, we were informed that local police had gained access to the gated yard and found not only our customer’s missing asset but also additional machines and equipment which were thought to be stolen as well.

The machine was returned the customer, who was especially happy; as the loss of this specialist machine which would have cost the company £30,000 to replace as well as having a dramatic impacted the customers business. Unfortunately, police were not able to find any of the thieves in the estate, we are still working with police to identify the thieves.

Once again, this story highlights how the reliability of our devices and continues our proud history of protecting plant and construction assets from theft. This story ended positively for our customer, but many don’t.

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