Vehicle chase map

In June 2017, an apparent theft of a Terex 6-Ton Dumper was reported to Enigma, our team were able to track and locate the dumper which was at a site in Bramwith, South Yorkshire. We informed the customer of where the dumper was and contacted the Plant and Agricultural National Intelligence Unit of the Met Police for assistance in recovering the machine. However, in the meantime the additional alerts that had been set-up after the theft report, notified the Enigma team that the dumper was being towed.

At first it was believed that the police had reached the area and were in the process of recovery, however as we continued to monitor the Terex’s journey it became more apparent that it was the thieves moving the stolen asset to another site. Our customer had also noticed the journey was suspicious and contacted local police in the hopes that they could intercept.

We continued to monitor the thieves’ journey and tracked it to pull up at a rural yard in Blackburn, Lancashire; some 90 miles away for the original area. While local Police raced to reach the yard, the machine was unloaded from the trailer or truck and was moved across the yard for a few hours until it was moved into a nearby forest, possibility in an attempt to hide the machine from Police. However, as the thieves where doing this local Police officers arrived on scene and alongside our team’s assistance found both the Dumper and a suspect in the forest who was arrested on the spot.

This was a great coordinated effort between Enigma, PANIU and local police to successfully return an asset to a very happy customer.

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