Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Bad driving behaviour within your fleet can go unnoticed leading to – unnecessary vehicle wear and tear, excessive fuel and CO2 consumption, accidents and personal injury claims, increase insurance costs, and corporate damage.

Our driver behaviour analysis offers comprehensive reporting on a range of data points that allow you to efficiently identify and improve your field workforce’s driving. Empowering you to take direct action to improve driver safety by effectively targeting behavioural parameters. These include: reckless driving, speeding, harsh braking, as well as other types of dangerous manoeuvres you are notified of any exceptions reducing fleet risk and improving efficiency.

See how our fleet management platform, Skyline, can help you monitor and improve driver education with our case studies.

Features of Driver Behaviour Monitoring:

  • Improved safety

    With incidents involving fleet vehicles costing businesses an estimated £25 million in 2014-2015 and almost a quarter from avoidable collisions*, recognising when a driver needs further training is of paramount importance. As research suggests that almost 20% of accidents on major roads are sleep related, 40% of these accidents involve commercial vehicles**, it is becoming more important for fleet managers to understand and be able to enact their duty of care.

    Skyline’s in-depth driver behaviour tool with its in-built analysis provides fleet managers with the necessary indicators to prevent costly accidents, combined with trigger-based reporting that alerts you to drivers who are most exposed to potential danger enabling you to provide a high quality duty of care.

    * Figures from Lex Autolease report (Nov 2015)
    ** Figures from THINK! Fatigue campaign (2016)

  • Unsafe behaviour monitoring

    Every trip driven by your employees or contractors is tracked plotting individual journey events and incidents, so you can examine individual journeys in detail. Letting fleet managers drill down into a single employee facilitating the creation of driver safety profiles to tackle key training requirements.

  • Easy-to-identify issues

    Our simple ranking system allows you to swiftly highlight key issues on a group or individual basis to promote positive driving strategies. This is supported by our KPI reporting meaning that you can easily compare overall fleet status and identify areas of underperformance as well as reduce maintenance downtime.

  • Excessive usage monitoring

    Driving habits don’t have to be unsafe to cost money – excessive Idling and unauthorised out of hours needlessly burns company fuel and contributes to increased vehicle maintenance. Skyline supplies you the information required to take control and deliver effective driver behavioural changes.

    For personnel who operate vehicles for commercial and private use, Skyline provides a Privacy Button option which disables pre-defined vehicle tracking information during a set time frame. This allows you to track vehicle status and condition without intrusive tracking of the driver’s location or movements out of hours.

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