Why Is Fleet Management So Important?

Trying to save fuel costs? Having a headache keeping up with individual fleet drivers? Concerned about your drivers and the public should an accident occur? For a company with a fleet of vehicles, these questions are just the tip of the iceberg. Despite advancements in technology, offering companies the ability to communicate with their entire fleet, many are still unaware of just why fleet management is so important. Here we’re going to look at the importance of quality fleet management software by showing you the many benefits you can expect to see.

The Benefits Of Fleet Telematics

Fleet Management

Cost Reduction

Everyone wants to save money, in fact that’s the primary objective for almost every company. Whether you want to and whether you can however, are two different things. One of the most prominent features of fleet management software is it’s ability to help make your company more cost-effective.

Whether it’s finding more direct routes to avoiding traffic, money can be saved in a multitude of areas almost instantly. Over the long run, companies will also find savings being made by monitoring driver behaviour (less aggressive driving will lend itself to vehicles lasting longer thanks to smoother driving) as well as vehicle fleet repairs and maintenance being scheduled at optimum times. This will lend itself to fewer large-scale repairs being needed and less money spent on them.

Driver Management

it’s surprising how few realise the importance of a driver management system. Drivers are the core employees of any transport and logistics company. As such they need to be managed and cared for. Our online fleet telematics system Skyline, will allow you to monitor all such movements of drivers from average speed to routes taken and even the choice of gear used and breaks taken.

Without advanced fleet management software, these details are virtually impossible to track. With availability to in-depth driver profiles, drivers can be reminded of their bad habits, helping to ensure they’re driving in as safe and efficient manner as possible. Without the ability to monitor your drivers, you risk dangerous and inefficient driving.


How often should a car be serviced? The answer is usually found in the user manual and with just one or two cars in your care, it’s easy to keep up with. With a large fleet of vehicles to manage however, it can become a difficult task. How will you know when maintenance is due on each individual vehicle? How will you know when minor repairs are needed? When faults occur?

Our fleet management software can offer notifications when your vehicles are due regular servicing and MOT’s. It can also send notifications when small issues arise. With fewer breakdowns, the mechanical lifespan of your vehicles will increase. You may even benefit from increased resale prices.


Theft can be one of the biggest costs to any company but with fleet management software you could set up a virtual boundary in which your fleet would sit. When any one of your fleet step outside of the boundary, you would be notified immediately.

Not only does this allow you to keep your vehicles in one place, preventing unauthorised use, but it can also help minimise the damage should theft occur as well as prevent it altogether. You’ll have the ability to track your vehicles and have them returned much quicker. You’ll also find employees and clients hiring your vehicles treating them much more carefully as they know they’re essentially, “being watched”.

Risk Management

Fleet risk management is a crucial factor within the world of logistics. Any risk that occurs can have a huge impact on your company, whether it’s in monetary form or reputation. It’s imperative that fleet managers ensure the safest routes are planned, with contingency plans prepared.

It’s also important that drivers are encouraged to drive in the most efficient yet safe manner possible. Putting emphasis on risk management is essential for the welfare of any company and with Skyline, something you can pay close attention to.

Reports And Analytics

This is an excellent feature of any fleet management system, particularly ours. Being entirely customisable, you can have full reports and analytics sent straight to your inbox, focusing on what you want it to; ideal for weekly reports, meetings and presentations. No more trawling through figures because a fleet management tool will do it all for you.

Fleet Management With Enigma

At Enigma, our fleet management software can be accessed with using any smart device from anywhere in the world. You can have all information regarding your fleet at your fingertips, allowing you to monitor everything from fuel levels to working hours. For more information on our fleet management software Skyline, contact us today.

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