Fleet Management

Enigma Telematics’ web-based fleet management solutions offer a range of fleet monitoring services including driver behaviour, fuel consumption and theft prevention.

Skyline is a scalable online management portal which makes it straight-forward and simple to manage your fleet. Fleet managers are delivered the accurate insight required to structure operations, increase productivity and revenues.

Up-to-the-minute tracking of key vehicle and asset systems, empowers you to be proactive instead of reactive. Skyline provides you with actionable data and detailed insight, enabling you to rapidly respond to any situation. In turn allowing you to reduce fleet related costs and optimise maintenance procedures.


In-depth performance reports provide fleet managers with vital analytics and management data that is proven to save you valuable time and resources. Highlighting key concerns reduces the need to examine every individual report in detail allowing informed decision-making.

A computer screen presenting a fleet report

Skyline integrates fleet management features with a robust user authentication system to provide enhanced controlled access to plant machinery. Utilising security checks including:

  • User’s ID-Card
  • Magnetic fob
  • Pin-code to create

To create an unrivalled machinery authorisation and accountability system specific to your business.

A driver with both hands on the steering wheel representing complete user control

Our theft prevention and recovery systems allow you to have the peace of mind that your valuable assets are protected against theft or unauthorised use continuously. Furthermore, in the case of a stolen vehicle we can track the journey the vehicle took and how it was transported as well as its current location to ensure a quick recovery.

Image of a hand picking up a van representing theft prevention

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