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Your company’s fleet is no doubt one of the largest expenses your business will deal with. From sourcing vehicles and machinery to managing them and, of course, maintaining them; managing a fleet can be incredibly costly. They are more than likely a crucial aspect to the running of your business. They’re also an area that you need to get right! Poor fleet management can result in even bigger expenses, becoming an unnecessary burden on your company resources.

Professional Fleet Management Software

With the right fleet management software, however, you could start managing your company vehicles and assets more effectively, whatever size fleet you may run. At its very core, fleet management solutions provide an organisation with the ability to efficiently oversee a company’s entire fleet. To ensure your fleet management plan is effective, a target-orientated approach is required. From closer supervision of your fleet to more targeted reports, getting it right is crucial. Thanks to Enigma’s telematics system it’s never been easier.

Monitor Your Fleet Online

Our fleet management system offers a range of services from driver behaviour monitoring to fuel consumption and theft prevention. Whether you’re looking for truck fleet management to forklift fleet management or even management for grey fleets, our online fleet telematics service can provide you with an easy-to-use system to make your fleet management simple, straightforward and efficient.

Skyline Vehicle Tracking

Skyline is an online management portable that offers an easily accessible platform to manage your fleet. We understand that not every company will have the benefit of a dedicated fleet manager. Fortunately, anyone tasked with fleet management will have customised and accurate insight delivered straight to their inbox thanks to Skyline’s reporting. From grey fleet management to van management, our software can be tailored to suit in order to help structure operations, increase productivity as well as revenues.

Benefits & Features of Fleet Management:

  • Improved fleet performance

    Up-to-the-minute tracking of key vehicle and asset systems, empowers you to be proactive instead of reactive. Skyline provides you with actionable data and detailed insight, enabling you to rapidly respond to any situation. In turn allowing you to reduce fleet related costs and optimise maintenance procedures.

  • Fleet reports

    In-depth performance reports provide fleet managers with vital analytics and management data that is proven to save you valuable time and resources. Highlighting key concerns reduces the need to examine every individual report in detail allowing informed decision-making.

  • Improved user control

    Skyline integrates fleet management features with a robust user authentication system to provide enhanced controlled access to plant machinery. Utilising security checks including: User’s ID-Card, Magnetic fob, Pin-code to create. To create an unrivalled machinery authorisation and accountability system specific to your business.

  • Theft prevention

    Our theft prevention and recovery systems allow you to have the peace of mind that your valuable assets are protected against theft or unauthorised use continuously. Furthermore, in the case of a stolen vehicle we can track the journey the vehicle took and how it was transported as well as its current location to ensure a quick recovery.

Experience And Efficiency With Enigma Telematics

With experienced advisors on hand at Enigma Telematics, you can rest assured your fleet operations will be managed effectively. We’ll even help you piece together your business goals. From mapping out fleet management solutions to helping you customise your tailored notifications, our team will offer you support each step of the way.

Skyline, our fleet management service, will be able to help you pinpoint and efficiently address any areas of weakness may be apparent. Whether that may be optimising fuel expenditure or improving maintenance scheduling reducing costs overall, Skyline will provide you with the platform you need to access the information you need whenever and wherever you need it.

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To see how Skyline has helped our customers optimise their fleet and reduce costs significantly, see our case studies page. For more information on Skyline, from theft prevention to improved user control along with how it could help with your fleet management requirements, contact us.

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