Commercial Vehicle Tracking

There are a number of benefits that commercial vehicle tracking can offer. Vehicle tracking is a beneficial addition when it comes to improving the overall cost-effectiveness of your fleet. In fact, it’s so effective that its return on investment (ROI) is often seen quick enough to offset the initial costs.

Vehicle tracking systems have become more popular as technology has not only improved but become more accessible in terms of cost too. Add to this our ever-improving infrastructure with speed and reliability and it’s easy to see why vehicle tracking has boomed.

Commercial Vehicle Tracking With Skyline

Vehicle tracking is a method of capturing data, in great detail about your fleet. Fleet management is automatically made easier with the addition of an online management portal such as Skyline, delivering real time alerts regarding the use and health of your fleet. Analysis of any commercial fleet can provide insight into important data such as driver behaviour, speed analysis etc. all of which can be used to identify key money-saving opportunities.

How Commercial Fleet Management Can Help Save Money

Commercial vehicle tracking can help your company save money in a multitude of ways, whether it concerns grey fleet management or your own. Let’s take a look at how our vehicle tracking system, Skyline, can help.

  • Vehicle Maintenance

    With vehicle monitoring by Skyline, you’re able to build a picture over time about the overall condition of each vehicle. This will assist in scheduling maintenance and preventative maintenance. By planning necessary maintenance ahead of time, you can ensure routine maintenance is carried out before any unexpected, major issues arise. Major issues that require taking a vehicle off the road unexpectedly does and will cost a company money and time, often making them unable to fulfil client expectations.

  • Route Planning

    From live traffic reports to finding the most efficient route, the overall management of your fleet will undoubtedly be improved. Not only are these functions beneficial for the driver in order to avoid bottlenecks but they’re also of benefit when it comes to avoiding unnecessary hold-ups from traffic caused by collisions, for example. With insight like this, drivers can rerouted easily, saving time and money. This will be evident with up-to-the-minute fuel and mileage reports.

  • Fuel Efficiency

    Any fleet manager will know the difference fuel consumption can make. Achieving a reduction in fuel consumption can be attained by monitoring driver behaviour. This is particularly so in terms of speeding, acceleration and braking. By ridding your drivers of behaviour such as rapid acceleration, harsh braking and high speed driving, you automatically reduce fuel consumption. With driver performance being monitored, they’re much less likely to break the speed limit or drive erratically. Companies using Skyline for this very purpose have reported noticeable improvements.

This list of money saving benefits is in no way exhaustive; there are a number of ways in which commercial vehicle tracking can help your company save money from theft prevention to increased asset lifespan. Increasing your profit margin isn’t the only benefit however, as fleet safety management is another important effect of vehicle tracking.

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