Forklift Fleet Management Made Easy With Enigma

Asset management is a broad term. It covers everything from performance and efficiency to cost and risk. It’s a multi-faceted discipline that covers every part of a vehicle’s work-life service, from beginning to end and it’s no different when it comes to forklift asset management.

Forklift asset management, whether you boast a large fleet or a modest one, can cause great headaches if you don’t have the correct solutions in place. With Enigma Telematics, namely Skyline, our online management portal, it need never cause you stress or concern again.

At Enigma, we offer you the ability to enjoy real-time visibility of each asset, allowing you to enjoy forklift fleet management with ease. Skyline gives asset managers the ability to receive reliable data that includes everything from what the forklift has done to where it’s been. With our forklift tracking system, you’ll enjoy full operational visibility from anywhere across the globe.

Benefits Of Our Forklift Asset Management:

  • Real Time Data

    Enjoy real time data of your entire forklift fleet, whether they’re located in warehouses or construction sites. Having visibility from anywhere thanks to Skyline’s online portal means you’re able to enjoy visibility of each asset wherever it may be and wherever you may be. The technology platform allows you to customise the data you wish to see too. This means you aren’t bombarded with unnecessary information that would otherwise be poor use of your time. See what you want to see, when you want to see it.

  • Preventative Maintenance

    Our forklift tracking system will allow you to monitor and keep track of maintenance. By ensuring preventative maintenance is carried out regularly, you’ll prevent the likelihood of your assets failing, ensuring your fleet are working at peak performance. This will mean more efficient performances as well as longer shelf-life for all forklifts.

  • Theft Prevention

    Skyline allows you to monitor not only the location of each asset, but any tampering that may be taking place. Skyline will send you information should our anti-theft and tamper-detection devices signal something untoward to any one of your assets. You’ll also be able to monitor the journey of your vehicle should an asset be stolen.

  • Vehicle Monitoring

    Vehicle monitoring encompasses a wide range of aspects, from usage (unauthorised or not) to driver behaviour. You’ll be able to track exactly where your asset has been using our forklift tracking system and just how it got there, from the use of the accelerator to the forklift function itself. With this information, you’ll then be able to ensure more efficiency amongst your fleet and better driver behaviour overall.

Forklift fleet management has never been so easy thanks to Skyline, our online management portal. For more information on how it could benefit you, contact Enigma Telematics on 01702 507200.

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