Grey Fleet Management

When it comes to workplace safety, managing your company’s fleet is absolutely vital. Considering many companies now offer employees the chance to use their own vehicles for business purposes, it’s not surprising that managing your fleet in terms of legal duties, has become more and more complex. Thankfully, here at Enigma Telematics, we have the perfect solution when it comes to your grey fleet management.

Enigma Specialises In Grey Fleet Management

We’ve have over twenty-five years of experience in vehicle security and management and in that time, we’ve not only gained an incredible amount of knowledge and experience, but we’ve become one of the go-to companies in the UK for grey fleet management.

Whether your grey fleet has been purchased or rented privately by an employee or via an employee ownership scheme, all vehicles that fall under the “grey fleet” umbrella become the responsibility of the employer and finding an affordable management solution is a necessity.

Therefore, utilising our grey fleet management solutions not only help you to ensure you meet your legal requirements but also protect from theft, aid in theft recovery and even assist in optimising grey fleet resources.

Uses Of Grey Fleet Management

Our management portal gives you insight how your grey fleet’s fuel is used.  Allowing you to track each of your grey fleet vehicle’s current fuel level as well as fuel used over time.

This in turn will helping to ensure that the correct expenses are paid. Ensuring that you are able to optimise grey fleet fuel expenses and fraudulent fuel costs.

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