Fleet Management Software: Skyline

When a company operates vehicles, it needs to manage their drivers and vehicles whether they’re driven on the road or off of it. This is also true regardless of whether the company owns the vehicles, leases them or they’re staff owned. The software that’s used to do this is called fleet management software. Here at Enigma, we call it Skyline.

What Does Fleet Management Software Do?

Fleet management software can be used in conjunction with vehicle telematics in order to match the performance of drivers with the performance of vehicles and their requirements. Here are just some of the things that fleet management software can help with:

From vehicle speed to accelerator operation, weight on axles to journey distance; Skyline, our online management portal allows you total control of your fleet every minute of every day. Want to find out more? Contact us at Enigma Telematics today.

Skyline offers you a driver behaviour monitoring solution that makes it easier for you to monitor, analyse and subsequently take action. By monitoring your driver’s behaviour using our fleet management software, you’ll then be able to deliver safety and efficiency training where needed.

This not only supports your drivers but those around them too. Not only that, but, it’s then possible to efficiently monitor the best performing (and worst performing) drivers within your fleet. This will encourage safer driving all round as well as encourage your fleet drivers to want to perform better.

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