Truck Fleet Management The Easy Way

In the day-to-day operations of running your company’s fleet, maintenance can be easy to overlook. Likewise, ensuring the security of your fleet can be time consuming and, without the correct equipment, often ineffective. At Enigma Telematics, we have the ideal solution in the form of Skyline, our specialist truck fleet management software.

Our online management portal gives you the ability to manage your fleet of trucks no matter whether it is a single truck or hundreds. Our aim is to ensure your business remains on the road, with minimal downtime, taking the stress and strain of your truck fleet management away.

The Benefits Of Effective Truck Fleet Management Software:

  • Money Saving

    While there is a cost involved in fleet maintenance, the cost that you could face without correct fleet maintenance scheduling is far more. When vehicles are correctly cared for and run more efficiently, they enjoy a much longer life-expectancy. Likewise, you’ll also find your company falling victim to far less downtime due to breakdown or collision.

    A well maintained fleet of trucks will often avoid penalties, fines and other hazards that cost a lot in the long term. Your company will no longer waste money on reactive repairs and instead spend less on preventative care. Save money instead of wasting it.

  • Decreased Risk

    With our online tracking system, you’ll be able to not only take note of speeds and routes taken, you’ll also be able to analyse driver behaviour. This will enable you to spot particular employees who may need improvement training as well as pinpointing which employee is suited to which role i.e. long haul or short haul driving.

    From use of the accelerator to fuel consumption, Skyline can monitor usage to ensure your drivers are operating at safe speeds and as efficiently as possible, decreasing risk for your fleet overall. A monitored driver is a safer driver and paying attention to driver behaviour and vehicle maintenance is the first step to protecting your employees and other road users.

  • Downtime Reduced

    Our truck fleet management allows you to reduce downtime across the board. As anyone in charge of a fleet of vehicles knows, downtime has a huge impact on not only productivity but cost too. If a vehicle is out of use, you’ll find yourself either paying for replacement vehicles or paying in the form of lost custom.

    Downtime impacts customer service hugely due to schedules being effected. Without unexpected downtime, your company can run smoothly, improving the overall usefulness of your fleet. This makes you look more reliable and more professional; a reputation every company wants to achieve!

  • GPS Vehicle Tracking Of Your Entire Fleet

    Theft prevention is perhaps one of the main reasons people choose to use our truck fleet management software, Skyline. At any given moment, Skyline allows you to access the exact location of every one of your fleet. It also allows you to view routes taken and should your fleet of trucks fall victim to illegal behaviour, you’ll instantly be informed.

    Likewise, should any one of your vehicles go missing, you’ll be able to track and locate said vehicle using our online app. This means no matter where you are in the world, you’ll always enjoy full visibility over your entire fleet.

At Enigma, we offer a bespoke service for every client so no matter what size fleet you own, what type of fleet you own, we have a solution to suit you. From magnetic trackers to clip on trackers, we’ll provide the perfect truck fleet management service to ensure you benefit the most. For more information, contact us on 0844 800 9926.

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