Fleet Risk Management

Fleet risk management refers to the process of ensuring as much as possible is done to reduce the risk to any vehicle/s within a company’s fleet. This includes any fleet vehicle that may be out on the road or on site. Fleet risk management however is much more than simple document checking and employee training. It encompasses everything from vehicle maintenance to accident management and more.

At Enigma, our online management portal Skyline helps fleet managers reduce the risk to all fleet vehicles by giving them full control from any location. Skyline can help you build the foundations of an efficient fleet risk management process saving you time and money. The question is, how does Skyline’s fleet risk management software help you and your company?

Skyline, The Ultimate Fleet Risk Management Solution

  • Vehilce Monitoring

    With Skyline’s vehicle monitoring and it’s insight into the condition of the vehicles within your fleet, you can ensure that each vehicle is road worthy at all times. For example, Skyline is able to alert you when a vehicle requires a service. With this, you’re then able to keep on top of small issues before they become a much bigger problem. This will ensure your vehicles are safe to operate. Want to ensure you’re always know when a MOT or insurance is due? Optimise other vehicle admin processes? Customise your Skyline alerts to ensure you never miss a beat.

  • Monitoring Driver Behaviour

    By having insight into driver behaviour, you’re able to monitor the ability of your drivers at all times. From acceleration to speed and braking; you can track when drivers violate speed restrictions, brake too harshly and in turn, implement the necessary training to ensure your drivers are the safest on the road. In most cases, simply knowing they’re being monitored will alter driver behaviour overnight, reducing speed and subsequently risk.

  • Theft Prevention

    One of the biggest risks to any company’s fleet, is theft, something fleet insurance often reflects. Theft not only costs a business money in terms of replacing lost assets, but it also prevents a company from catering to their clients needs. Our solution offers you the ability to pinpoint the exact location of any vehicle within your fleet at any given time. Monitoring vehicles in this manner is an excellent deterrent for theft in itself, however the real benefit of vehicle tracking comes into play when theft takes place. The ability to track the route taken by any vehicle and the current location makes recovery of any asset that much easier and usually extremely quick.

Whether you want assistance with grey fleet management or your own fleet, Skyline has exactly what you need to make it that much easier.

For more information on our fleet risk management software and how it could provide you with the ultimate fleet risk management solution, contact us using the form below.

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