The Benefits And Uses Of Vehicle And Fleet Telematics

Telematics technology is more popular than ever and for good reason too. From helping to reduce waste in multiple areas, leaving drivers and customers more satisfied and of course, helping to boost profit margins; fleet telematics or vehicle telematics as it’s otherwise known, can really help to not only cut costs but also downtime.

According to recent statistics, a typical fleet can spend anywhere between 20% to 40% of its time idle, with heavy footed drivers using upwards of 20% more fuel than the average driver. Add to this the fact that drivers can spend an average of around 110 hours a year completing paper log books and it’s clear where unnecessary costs begin to mount up. This is where fleet telematics – such as our online management portal Skyline – really comes into its own, reducing overspending hugely and improving the overall safety and wellbeing of your team. Let’s take a closer look at just some of the ways our vehicle telematics could help you now:

How Could Vehicle And Fleet Telematics Help In The Long Run?

Using fleet telematics can offer a number of instant benefits and uses however, it’s also worth noting that with the use of fleet and vehicle telematics, come a great deal of benefits/uses for the longer term also. These include:

By reducing driver paperwork, thanks to wireless recording, your driver’s efficiency is raised instantly. Instead of spending unnecessary time filling out log books, they can instead spend their time carrying out necessary vehicle checks, planning better delivery routes etc. Just adding a few extra minutes to your drivers daily hours of service can improve fleet efficiency hugely over time.

You may also find your drivers and managers feel better with automatic service tracking as it gives everyone a better understanding of efficiency and helps drivers in particular, manage their time easily and accurately. Just look at our work with the Murphy Group. Skyline enabled Murphy to demonstrate adherence to contract conditions such miles driven and hours worked by staff, with timesheet validation possible through the use of accurate fleet management data – no paperwork or log books necessary.

At Enigma Telematics, we offer a fantastic online telematics solution in the form of Skyline, allowing you to monitor your fleet in an entirely new way, saving you time, money and allowing you to make improvements to your company in ways you never thought possible.

The power of data and open communication will help you deliver improvements in compliance, driver efficiency and fleet performance. If you’d like more information Skyline and how it can help your manage and monitor your fleet, please do contact us today.

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