Benefits Of Preventive Maintenance

All vehicles within your fleet, be it plant machinery, cars, lorries or vans, should always have a preventive maintenance plan in place. The unfortunate fact is that a lot of companies with fleets choose to address issues as and when they arise, which can have a negative impact on their businesses.

However, thanks to our experience we can see the true benefits of a preventative maintenance schedule and just how advantageous it could be. From reducing vehicle costs to extending the life of your fleet – when adhered to – our preventative maintenance schedules are an integral part of any fleet management solution.

Reduce Vehicle Downtime And Costs With Preventive Maintenance

As with anything, prevention is always better than cure and this couldn’t be truer of vehicle downtime and costs. Rather than waiting for something to go wrong with your fleet, preventative maintenance and monitoring of vehicles ensures your vehicles and/or plant machinery are running smoothly at all times. It also means any potential problems are caught early on when simple, inexpensive repairs are required.

Reactive maintenance means acting upon mechanical issues once they’ve become apparent and more often than not, this can mean more damage being caused, much longer downtimes for that particular vehicle and in some cases, make repairs impossible. This no doubt has a much bigger impact on your revenue and ability to operate at full capacity. Let’s not forget that a well-maintained asset will operate much smoother and for far longer, allowing you to in turn spend less on replacing older vehicles or machinery that is no longer fit for purpose.

If you’d like to find out more information on our asset monitoring solutions and how preventative maintenance could help you now and in the long term, simply contact us at Enigma Telematics today. From fleet optimization to reductions in cost - preventative maintenance has never been a better option for any fleet management program.

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