Skyline is our management portal that puts you in control of your mobile assets. Enabling you to optimise your fleet, recover stolen equipment, and reduce your carbon footprint. While also ensuring that you are able to comply with Health & Safety requirements.

Skyline flexible to meet your needs

Flexible to Meet Any Demand

As a web-based system, Skyline is scalable to meet any businesses’ requirements no matter the size of fleet or organisation. Utilising a modular design enables us to provide you with just the data that you need without the inclusion of unnecessary information slowing you down.

Skyline gives complete control

Complete Control

Our remote asset management system with the ability to define exceptions, notify of events via alarms that puts you in complete control of your fleet. With real-time event logging using high-quality Google road, hybrid or satellite maps together with a configurable status grid, means that users can customise the appearance of Skyline to suit their business needs. Making Skyline more than just showing “dots on map”.

Skyline in-depth reporting

In-depth Reporting

Skyline’s reporting function can generate over 55 pre-made reports, combined with a custom report builder which provides you the flexibility to focus on your own unique business KPIs. Most of which can be scheduled for delivery by e-mail meaning that you receive the most important information when you need it and don’t waste valuable time.

See our video tutorials for further information on how Skyline can help to optimise your fleet.

Skyline empowers you to analyse, forecast and make informed strategic decisions.

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