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The way in which vehicles are monitored within companies has changed greatly over the last twenty years, with the majority of companies having transitioned to a cloud based management solution. This has led telematics (a mix of telecommunications and informatics) to play a critical role within the automobile industry. Telematics can be applied to all manner of vehicles from vans and cars to heavy goods vehicles and even tracking plant machinery and that’s exactly where ourselves at Enigma Telematics come in specialists in fleet management software.

For the last twenty six years, Enigma Telematics has been providing telematics and security solutions for a wide variety of industries. From plant to agriculture, waste management and even construction; here at Enigma, we have it covered. Since 1992, having begun with vehicle security before expanding into fleet management, we’ve gained a huge amount of experience which means we not only offer the best solutions out there but we do so in a way that benefits our clients most. With the help of our online management portal Skyline, we’re able to offer a wealth of services from management of your fleet to much more.

Enigma Telematics & Skyline Saves You Time

Telematics is not a new concept and has now become key for a number of companies when it comes to making their fleet more efficient and eco friendly. Thanks to Skyline, our online management portal, you’re able to gain practical statistics from your fleet tracking system and what’s more, you’ll do so in a much more time efficient manner.

You’ll receive the relevant information you need to monitor your fleet in easy to understand bites, allowing you to digest information and make necessary decisions based on the information you receive with a minimal amount of stress. Our reports have been designed in a modular fashion to make identification of the important facts quick and simple. From reduction in administration time to managing your fleets efficiency, we’ve got you covered.


Telematics Companies Ensure Vehicle Security

As we previously mentioned, at Enigma Telematics, we first began in 1992 with a focus on vehicle security and whilst we’ve expanded, now also providing industry leading fleet management solutions, vehicle security is still very much what we do. With the help of Skyline, our web-based management portal, we have provided top of the range vehicle security for companies up and down the UK.

We’re proud to boast that Skyline has actually aided in the recovery of well over £100 million worth of assets and vehicles for numerous different companies across a wide variety of sectors too. This only highlights just how incredible this online management portal is, delivering each and every time.

With Skyline, you can enjoy a tracking system that will allow you to pinpoint the exact location of every single vehicle within your fleet. It does so in such a precise manner that you’ll be sent not only the road name but the town, the postcode and even coordinates should you need. With Skyline, you’re in charge of your vehicles even when they’re out of your hands.

Should the worst happen, you’ll also be informed via our system, signalling you to not only inform you that a theft has taken place in real time but you’ll receive the location along with a full audit. Receiving such in-depth information like this means financial impact and of course, downtime of said vehicle/asset is reduced greatly, if not avoided altogether.

Wide Selection of Vehicles & Machinery Covered

From agricultural equipment to waste management vehicles, lorries and even cars; here at Enigma Telematics, we have your best interests covered in more ways than one. With over twenty six years within the industry, we’re confident in saying that no one does it quite like us but don’t just take our word for it. Hop online and check out just some of our customer case studies, which highlighting some of the amazing work we do.

Here at Enigma, we’ve offered a service that’s nothing short of outstanding for over two decades and will continue to do so, continually surpassing expectations. We know that just as no two vehicles are the same, no two companies are the same either and our individual approach, tailoring our products to each client is just one of the ways we stand out from the rest. For more information, contact Enigma today.

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