Tractor Telematics

For those unfamiliar with the term, fleet telematics is a technology that captures data from vehicles and equipment. Whether it’s one tractor in a field or a fleet of combine harvesters, tractor telematics can cover any fleet from one to thousands. The data from each vehicle can be transferred from the vehicle itself and sent straight to an online portal such as Skyline. Here fleet managers are then able to read the data and identify everything from fuel consumption, location, operating times and even speeds.

Telematics In Agriculture

Electronic sensors can be installed in virtually any vehicle or piece of equipment making it ideal for those within agriculture. Telematics in agriculture has become an industry necessity. Tracking farm and agricultural equipment has become more common-place for a number of reasons, from theft prevention to health and safety. The ability to do so while on the go, via any media device makes it not only accessible but convenient too.

  • Theft Prevention

    Being able to monitor your assets is at any one time is important within any industry and agriculture is no exception. Protection against theft is one of the biggest reasons companies choose to use telematics. Telematics enabled tracking can help you locate every tractor and combine harvester within your fleet in real time. This means any item of equipment within your fleet can be located immediately. Not only does this help deter thieves but can also help locate your equipment should the worst happen, with recovery of stolen vehicles greatly increased when telematics are utilised.

  • Environmental Benefits

    With Skyline, our online management portal, you can receive telematics data straight to your media device, highlighting idle times, speed acceleration, fuel usage and even hard braking. With this information, fleet managers can then implement training where needed to encourage more efficient driving. This will naturally impact on the amount of fuel used in every asset. Reducing the amount of fuel you use will reduce your carbon footprint overall; a very positive impact for the environment and your wallet.

  • Easier Management For Fleet Managers

    Fleet managers often tell us they spend a huge amount of time collating data. More often than not, it’s a manual process and time consuming. With our telematics system however, you can maintain your vehicle’s daily, with ease, by having the necessary data sent to you automatically. At the time of ordering, we’ll discuss your own personal requirements to ensure only the necessary information is sent direct to you. Skyline can also compliment a preventative maintenance plan for your fleet.

For more information on Skyline, our online management portal and how you can incorporate telematics in agriculture to help you and your team, contact Enigma today.

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