What Are Fleet Management Systems?

Fleet management systems are a system of technologies and procedures that can help organisations to use their resources as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. The term ‘fleet’ covers organisations that operate motor vehicle fleets and non-motorised assets. Fleet management itself focuses on numerous aspects in order to optimise the use of your fleet. Let’s take a closer look at what it does exactly:

Vehicle Tracking & Routing 

Tracking technology by our fleet management system Skyline makes use of GPS navigation and Geo-location. It does so to confirm your vehicle or asset’s exact location at any time of the day. Telematics relies on sensors and transmitters, which could be installed to a truck’s engine, to retrieve and deliver this information.

This vehicle tracking not only allows you to find out an asset’s whereabouts but also allows you to track and plan an asset’s route. This real-time route planning allows you to plan the most efficient route, taking into account everything from vehicle size, road access and traffic. Add to this an ability to recover lost and stolen assets, as well as prevent unauthorised usage and it’s clear just why vehicle tracking and routing is so important.

Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance

Telematics also enables drivers and fleet managers to operate their vehicles and assets under optimal conditions. From tire pressure to fuel consumption, fleet management systems will monitor all of this.

Vehicle sensors placed within the parameters of the engine will monitor engine idle time and even alert you to vehicle problems, when an engine breakdown is imminent. Alerts such as this will bring attention to, and avert, costly breakdown. Preventing failures like this will also help reduce downtime.

Fuel Management

Fuel costs are one of the biggest expenses for any fleet of vehicles. By being able to plan more efficient routes while also monitoring driver behaviour, you can monitor fuel use and find ways to reduce it, making it more efficient. Think speed of acceleration to harshness of braking. Engine monitoring can result in significant reductions in fuel consumption and subsequently, fuel costs.

Driver Monitoring

This point moves on a little from the previous, focusing on driver monitoring and electronic logbooks. Whether you want to keep track of hours, help avoid exceeding speed limits and even ensure that drivers are carrying out their specified number of hours. In terms of driver behaviour, excessive speeding and hard braking can be monitored and subsequently addressed with training as and where it’s needed.

How Can Skyline Help You?

Skyline is our online management portal that allows you to enjoy total control of your mobile assets. With our online portal you can enjoy every benefit listed above, and then some. From reducing your carbon footprint to ensuring you comply with Health & Safety requirements. As it’s web based, Skyline offers you total flexibility. You can access your customised data from virtually anywhere, as long as you have a smart device and a WiFi connection.

With complete control over your fleet, along with in-depth reporting customised to your exact needs and requirements, Skyline isn’t just a nice to have but a necessity for any fleet manager today. For more information on our online management portal or how your organisation could benefit from a fleet management system such as ours, contact us today.

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