Van Fleet Management

Our van fleet management solution improves fleet operators’ business efficiency and profitability, while maintaining accountability. Integration of our van tracker helps fleet operators to achieve measurable business objectives and boost their performance across Key Performance Indicators (KPI) such as fuel management, van health and environmental impact.

We pride ourselves on understanding your business and that means that our process is designed to offer bespoke solutions that meet your exact requirements. We work with you to understand your unique requirements and business needs, highlighting commercial goals that our fleet management system can support. Our dedicated customer support team works with you continuously to optimise and improve efficiency to reduce your costs.

While our easy-to-read reports mean that you can save time with quick access to weekly, monthly or yearly summaries on every aspect of your fleet from business and private usage to driver behaviour to journey duration. Automated email alerts (SMS also available) notify you of theft, out-of-hours usage and movement from specified areas. Alongside this our system fully supports data requirements to assist with FORS audits and performance criteria reporting.

Key Benefits of Using Skyline for Your Van Fleet:

Our system is set to immediately alert you if there is an attempt to tamper with or steal any van in your fleet. Furthermore, in case of theft our dedicated team will support you by liaising with both your team and the police to ensure that your vehicle is recovered as promptly as possible reducing your downtime and cost.

Smartphone alerting to attempted theft of van

Contact us to discuss your requirements and how Skyline can help you to optimise your van fleet.

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