Vehicle Monitoring

Understanding the condition and location of any of your vehicles can be a challenge, especially for managers with large fleets which are spread across multiple locations. Furthermore, the reliance on manual reporting, if there are issues with or if a vehicle requires a service, makes the process cumbersome; this can mean that downtime is increased which in turn will increase costs and decrease potential revenue.

Our fleet management platform – Skyline’s vehicle monitoring solution records accurate diagnostic data on individual vehicles in your fleet and forewarns you to upcoming servicing and maintenance requirements streamlining of your processes. Combined with our tracking software our monitoring solution means that you are able to track, in real-time, the condition and location of any vehicle in your fleet.

If you are looking to optimise your vehicle maintenance practices – Skyline is essential.

Features of our Vehicle Monitoring Software:

  • Service monitoring

    Skyline tracks when a service, MOT or safety inspection is required to ensure that you can plan ahead and minimise costly operational disruption.

  • Out of hours usage

    Understanding how and when your employees use their vehicle can help to optimise your fleet’s fuel consumption and maintenance routines. Skyline allows you to track the exact time any journey starts, the duration and distance that each of your vehicles take, ensuring that you can control and monitor your fleet’s fuel usage and wear effectively.

  • Theft protection

    Our solution guards against potential theft. Which can result in a substantial added cost as well as potential interruption to operations. Our devices have in-built anti-theft and temper-detection functions to report any possible threats.

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