Vehicle Theft Prevention With Enigma Telematics

Vehicle and equipment theft is a huge industry. It costs fleets across the globe billions of pounds every single year thanks to lost revenue, property and even stock. Fleet vehicles are often attractive targets due to expensive equipment along with the expense of the vehicle itself. While you may not be able to stop criminals from targeting your fleet, you can utilise the help of a fleet management solution to help mitigate the level of risk your fleet faces.

Fortunately, thanks to advances in technology, it’s no longer a case of relying on high-security parking areas and common sense alone. Fleet managers up and down the UK and beyond, are now taking advantage of multi-layered strategies with the help of fleet management solutions such as Skyline.

Skyline: Vehicle Theft Prevention And How It Works

Whether you’re looking for tractor theft prevention or even generator theft prevention, our online management portal Skyline has everyone covered. Skyline aids in theft prevention in a number of ways too:



Geo-fencing is a feature of Skyline that uses GPS in order to define geographical boundaries. The geographical boundaries are categorised by you, complete with triggers. This means when a vehicle or piece of equipment from your fleet leaves the designated perimeters, you’re immediately issued with an alert. Our management software, Skyline, allows you to program up to 25 points within any given geo-fence. Should any of your equipment or vehicles leave this area, you’ll be notified.

Track Vehicle Location

Vehicle monitoring is made even easier with the help of track location. Our advanced tracking software allows you to track any one of your fleet, be it asset or vehicle, in real time. Not only will you have access to the location but you’ll also be able to see information on the condition and usage too.

Anti-Tamper Technology

From truck theft prevention to plant machinery, our anti-tamper technology gives you the added security of alerts if there are any attempts to tamper with vehicles or assets. From unusual usage to leaving geo-fenced areas, we liaise directly with the PANIU (Police’s Plant & Agricultural National Intelligence Unit) in order to recover the vehicle as quickly as possible.

Whether you’re looking for theft prevention help within grey fleet management or a fleet owned by your company, Skyline can help. In fact Skyline has been helping a number of companies, all of which you’ll find well documented online in a number of case studies . These case studies highlight just how important Skyline is to each company, what it offers and how it’s made life easier; saving money, time and stress. If you’d like more information on how Skyline can help you, simply contact Enigma on 01702 507200.

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